Defiance College law students review cold cases for prosecutor’s office

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that overall employment of law enforcement officials is expected to grow over the next several years. Schools such as Defiance College are giving their criminal justice students unique opportunities to gain experience in the field.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Wayne County, Michigan prosecutor's office allows students at the school to study cold cases, which have not been recently reviewed.

When the program was launched, two students from each of the university's criminal justice, forensic science, and digital-forensic science departments took part in the case studies. The learners were able to discuss homicide cases with chief investigators.

Mark Gordon, dean of the university, told the news source that the program is a "win-win situation" for the prosecutor's department as well as the students. The initiative began as a result of a Gordon asking Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy if she could involve his law students in her office, the news source reports.

Worthy said in a statement that "in an era of limited resources, we are striving to be innovative in our approach to doing our job and serving justice."

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