Concordia University Chicago brings students to Costa Rica for fair trade education

According to, a research company, median salaries for holders of master's degrees range from $50,000 to $80,000 a year, depending on an individual's level of experience. Those who wish to enroll in a master of business administration (MBA) program may benefit from attending Concordia University in Chicago.

The school's global business course takes students and faculty on an annual week-long trip to Costa Rica, according to the university. On the excursion, students can learn about fair trade agriculture as well as ecotourism, which is believed to have originated in Costa Rica. Ecotourism is described as visiting a failing ecosystem in order to raise awareness of its endangerment, according to the school.

"The business visits provided 'priceless' global business exposure, knowledge and experience that is only possible by being there," said Beth Dellegrazie, Concordia-Chicago assistant professor of marketing. "Good international business strategy begins with cross-cultural awareness and understanding."

During the trip, students also have the opportunity to learn about the country's biggest export, which is coffee. Participants are able to observe fair trade standards in the production of the bean.

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