Colorado Mountain College professor creates art inspired by migration

A Colorado Mountain College (CMC) associate professor of art left the college campus for one year to devote time to her hobby. Cynthia Zyzda is an artist who follows the migratory patterns of birds to create her works, according to a press release.

In her artist's statement at the CMC Gallery in Glenwood Springs, entitled "Migration," Zyzda wrote, "Migration is about transformation, wandering and finding. Anyone who has ever watched birds understands the profoundness of momentary joy and wonder. This exhibit is made up of artifacts of thinking, making and roving."

She added that in these pieces are the fragments of what she has been pondering, what she has been experiencing and the habitats in which she has wandered.

Each summer since 2005, Zyzda has helped rehabilitate injured raptors at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center in Bozeman, Montana. A portion of proceeds from the sales of her exhibit pieces help benefit the center.

Each of the 20-to-25 mixed-media creations in Zyzda's exhibit takes between 20 and 60 hours of work, she said. 

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