Colby-Sawyer College offers unique permaculture design program

High school students who wish to explore permaculture - or the design approach that models agriculture around natural systems - may want to consider applying to a college that offers a specialized academic program. For example, Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire is one of the only schools in the state to offer a certificate program in permaculture design.

According to the Permaculture Institute, which created the program, the practice consists of "consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fiber and energy for provision of local needs."

Coursework for the initiative covers the principles of sustainability as well as the benefits for those with careers in architecture, agriculture and landscape design, according to Leon-C. Malan, professor of environmental studies.

Graduates of the program are designated "trainee permaculture designers" who may qualify for a diploma program at the Permaculture Institute.

Those who wish to use their training for a career in landscape architecture may have many job prospects, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that overall employment of professionals in this field is expected to increase by 20 percent over the next several years.

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