CEO of multi-billion dollar company attended Dixie State College

Prospective business students who seek to become more attractive to employers may wish to enroll in Dixie State College's business program, which produced the chief operating officer of Black and Decker.

Nolan D. Archibald joined Black and Decker as President and CEO in 1985, becoming the youngest individual to hold this position at a Fortune 500 Company. He served the company for 24 years before selling the business to the Stanley Works Corporation in 2009, where he is an executive chairman of a $9 billion global business.

Archibald was an honor student and an All-American basketball player, leading his team to the national junior college finals. Later he was invited to try out for the National Basketball Association's (NBA) Chicago Bulls and was offered a contract to play for the American Basketball Association's Pittsburgh Pipers. He was honored by the National Association of Basketball Coaches as a member of their Silver Anniversary NCAA All-America Basketball Team.

The school's business program offers many different tracks including accounting, business administration and marketing. Students in the business administration program can specialize their degree with accounting, finance and visual technology.

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