Catholic University of America helped launch the careers of two Sarandons

Individuals who are interested in the performing arts may want to consider attending the Catholic University of America, as the school served as an initiation point for two accomplished actors.

Chris and Susan Sarandon met at the school and were married one year before her graduation. Born Susan Abigail Tomlin, she left her home and nine younger siblings in New Jersey to pursue a degree in drama at the school. Here, she studied under Father Gilbert V. Hartke, a revered instructor of the craft.

However, Sarandon did not have a particular interest in becoming an actress while she was in school, according to The New York Times. After she got married, she went with her husband on an audition, where she discovered that she might have a knack for performing.

The tryout was for the 1969 movie Joe, according to The Internet Movie Database. While Chris Sarandon was denied a role in the film, Susan was cast as Susan Compton, the daughter of a businessman who befriends the main character.

While her marriage ended in 1979, Sarandon has held onto both her married name and her successful acting career to this day.

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