Catawba College offers education opportunities for future teachers

Prospective students who want to break into the teaching profession may wish to explore options offered at Catawba College.

The North Carolina-based school offers the West Scholars Program, which offers a substantial scholarship of up to $15,000 for state residents. The school also has the distinction of being one of only 18 institutions in the region to offer the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program, which offers a full tuition award to participants.

Catawba offers elementary and middle school education programs with specializations in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Furthermore, students can also enroll in licensure programs on secondary education subjects such as biology, chemistry, comprehensive science, comprehensive social studies, English and mathematics.

The school also provides students with the opportunity to directly use their newly acquired skills through a partnership with Overton Elementary School. The agreement allows learners to the school to improve the quality of the teacher preparation program through rigorous entry and program standards through real world application experiences.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for teachers are expected to increase by 13 percent over the coming years.

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