Cameron University boasts award-winning forensics team

High school students who participate in forensics, or those who wish to join a team in college, may benefit from enrolling at Cameron University in Oklahoma. The school's speech and debate club has earned first place awards at the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Forensics Association (OIFA) state championship tournament.

Cameron students have also taken home top honors in debate and in individual events. Of the 12 schools that participate, Cameron has consistently been among the top three.

In fact, one year, Cameron debaters garnered a total of 44 points at the competition, compared to the next best team's 16 total points. After competing in the state tournament, schools go on to nationals.

The university has had a long history of competing in speech and debate. The forensics lab at the school holds national trophies that date back to the 1930s.

According to Cameron's website, the school's forensic philosophy emphasizes the intellectual and ethical growth of the student. In fact, the goal is for participants to improve their critical thinking, listening, speaking, leadership and debating competency. 

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