California Baptist University offers extensive sustainability research opportunities

Students who are interested in researching sustainable solutions for the environment may benefit from enrolling in California Baptist University (CBU) School of Engineering. The university reports in a press release that it is a major facility for research on new and existing solar power air conditioning systems.

In the past, the City of Riverside has approved $100,000 grants to CBU. The Energy Innovations Grant (EIG) is made possible through Riverside Public Utilities’ (RPU) public benefits funds.

The EIG program was developed for the funding of research, development and demonstration programs for the public interest. The goal is to advance science or technology in electric-related projects in the higher education institutions that are located within the City of Riverside. Additional phases of the study involve building a working prototype system and refining the component to achieve optimal performance in potential applications.

Ziliang Zhou, associate professor of mechanical engineering at CBU, was named one of the principal investigators for the EIG project.

Zhou said one phase of the project "builds apparatus to conduct tests on new and existing solar powered air conditioning systems and evaluate each for commercial and residential usage." 

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