Bryn Athyn College offers unique deer study program

High school students who wish to study the environment may benefit from enrolling in Bryn Athyn College, as the school offers vast extracurricular programs in this field. For example, the college boasts the Deer Study program, which is a collaborative effort between the school and Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust (PERT).

The study began in 2006 with the main focus of tracking white-tailed deer, the school reports. The animals are fitted with GPS and GSM radio collars in the suburban area of the Pennypack Watershed, which is surrounded by residential and industrial development. The study involves faculty and students from Bryn Athyn College as well as personnel from PERT.

In addition to tracking deer, the study has developed and tested a method for estimating deer density using automated infrared-triggered trail cameras. The researchers have also conducted an investigated analysis of vegetation impact and molecular genetics as well as road and hunter kills.

The Deer Study helps the college and PERT understand the management of suburban deer, as well as damage to vegetation and danger to motorists resulting from overpopulation. Information from the study also shows how suburban deer move, and what factors influence their movements in different situations.

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