Brevard College combines outdoor exploring with academics

High school students who enjoy spending their free time outdoors may want to enroll in a postsecondary institution that give learners the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. Schools such as Brevard College offer rock climbing, swimming and kayaking.
/>The school boasts a unique program called Voice of the Rivers (VOR), Brevard reports in a press release. Since its inaugural expedition from Brevard, North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico in 1997, the program has offered students and faculty an opportunity to study a variety of ecologically and culturally significant rivers.

The VOR experience - which combines academics with outdoor exploration - is designed to educate the public and raise awareness of activities that threaten rivers, bring attention to organizations that seek to address those threats and foster a sense of community activity among the students who participate.

Students from any major are invited to join VOR. Participants are required to post daily journal entries, photos and videos of their travels online using Facebook, blogs and the college website.

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