Boston Architectural College builds net-zero house

High school students who wish to study architecture can have unique experiences if they choose to complete a college design program. For example, enrollees at the Boston Architectural College (BAC) have had the opportunity to create a net-zero energy solar house.

The project, which is called Curio, was developed with help from engineering students at Tufts University. Curio was originally built on the Washington Mall as part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon. However, the house - which produces its own electricity, recycles its waste water and stores heat from the sun - has been rebuilt in a "Community Green" as part of the Housing Assistance Corporation of Cape Cod.

The development will eventually include 57 rental apartments, four single-family homes and an Enterprise Center that will host job-training programs for low-income residents.

It has been a dream come true to see our vision come to life," said Michelle Stadelman, a BAC master's of architecture graduate.

The 800-square-foot building has 28 photovoltaic solar panels, a solar thermal water system and heat glass technology.

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