BARTONline’s campus-based school hosts sustainability event

Individuals who are passionate about the environment may benefit from enrolling in a college that focuses on sustainability. Those who also require the flexibility of online learning may want to consider enrolling at Barton County Community College's BARTONline program. />
In recent years, the college has held the only Kansas location of National Alternative Fuels Vehicle Day. The event, which is recognized at more than 100 locations nationwide, brings together local experts and alternative fuel business leaders for a day of education and advocacy, according to a press release.

Darcy Wedel, automotive coordinator and instructor at Barton County Community College, said the free event teaches visitors about available alternative energy options and showcases local vendors of alternative technologies.

"Basically the whole goal is to educate the public about alternative energy and fuel with the hopes of one day weaning ourselves off of foreign oil," he added.

Presenters included the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association, West Wind Energy, Golden Belt Bicycle, MEG Corporation and Kansas Ethanol. In addition, the Kansas Corn Commission had an ethanol-fueled vehicle on display throughout the day.

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