Augsberg College offers great chemistry program

Students interested in science may wish to explore the options offered at Augsburg College where Peter Agre, a Nobel Prize winner, once attended and graduated.

Agre, who is a medical doctor, professor, and molecular biologist was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2003 for his discovery of aquaporins. These are proteins that help move water molecules through the cell membrane. He recently became the 163rd president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which is the nation's largest scientific organization.

His discovery, like many throughout history, came by accident when we was investigating the molecular identity of the human blood Rh factor. Agre said that aquaporins are the plumbing system for cells that moves water in a move.

Augsburg's chemistry department provides a course of study that is rigorous, which enables graduates to compete successfully with their peers of similar ability in graduate school or for research positions. Furthermore, the curriculum challenges students to integrate outside study topics into their program.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for chemists are expected to increase by 2 percent in the coming years.

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