Arcadia University offers first-year study abroad program

According to VistaWide, an online language learning resource, around 36 percent of study abroad participants travel during their junior year. However, at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, freshmen can travel overseas. The institution's First Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE) allows learners to earn a full semester of credits in either London, England or Stirling, Scotland.

Individuals who choose the FYSAE program in Scotland attend class at the University of Sterling. Students live in on-campus dormitories with other first-year students from around the world. Scottish families host the students for a homestay, and FYSAE participants have an Adventure Weekend together.

The London Now program offers courses through Arcadia and City University in England. They are housed in Arcadia-run residence halls with other students from the school. During their time abroad, the travelers get to stay with a British family and go on an Adventure Weekend with other learners in the program.

Courses are offered in major areas such as arts, humanities and social sciences.

The university asks a select group of students to apply for the program, many of whom are in strong academic standing.  

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