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It?s your senior year of high school, and the effects of senioritis have begun to set in. Classroom lectures are a dull soundtrack to your window-gazing. Each word you read blurs on the page. There are months of high school  
Stumped on what to buy for your current or soon-to-be college student? No worries! We scoured a variety of sources to find a good mix of practical and “just for fun” gifts for the top 10 current college majors (according  
People often ask independent college counselor Lisa Mader what she would do if it were her son applying to college. Now that she's actually going through the college search process as a parent herself, she is chronicling her experience to provide tips (and laughs) for other parents on the same journey.  
As a parent, you want to be involved in your child's academics and career-planning. But how much is too much? Find out where you fall on the line between being supportive or being overbearing.  
Your parents really do just want to help with the college search process, and they really can! But it's also important that you take the lead--in fact colleges don't like when they hear from just the parents instead of you! Read these tips on how you can involve your parents without them taking over.  
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