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Equipping you with tools to guide your students offers planning resources and search tools for counselors in helping students looking for independent schools and summer programs in the U.S. and Europe.  
Helping your students through the college search process can be difficult, especially if you are the counselor for hundreds of students. Discover ways CollegeView can help you help your students.   
Helping Your College-Bounds Students Prepare for Entrance Exams
You can help your college-bound students prepare for the ACT and SAT by encouraging them to following the advice shared in this article.  
An interview with Gene Kalb, publisher of High School Counselor Week. Mr. Kalb offers advice on how busy counselors can get the news they need faster to help their students.  
Learn to be proactive with your social life when you arrive on campus. Find tips on how you can get involved and how counselors can help students get involved.  
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