Net Price Calculators Help Determine College Costs

Confused about how much college will really cost? Learn more about net price calculators and how they can help you form your financial plan for your education.  Read More…


California College Woes Impact Other States

Learn why the budget crisis in California is causing native Californians to apply and enroll in more out-of-state colleges and how this could affect you.  Read More…


Figuring Out Your Finances as You Transfer Colleges

You’re prepared to complete the next phase of your education, but how are you going to pay for it? Start the financial aid process early, and refer to this calendar to keep yourself on schedule.  Read More…


Money Management Tips for Transfer Students

Don't forget to have your financial aid information in order before you transfer!

Whether you’re transferring out of state or across town, it’s important to make sure your financial aid information and funding for the semester are in order.  Read More…

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5 Ways to Earn Your Degree for Less

How to win the financial aid game

The only thing harder than getting into college is paying for it. Here are five tips on earning your degree for less.   Read More…


Searching for Scholarships as an African American


Unique challenges await African-American college students seeking funding for school, but there are also some special opportunities out there as well.  Read More…


Alternative Loans

When federal funds aren’t enough

When federal funds aren’t enough, many lenders offer alternative college-bound loan funding options. Visit for details.  Read More…

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What Does the Bursar’s Office Do?

And more importantly, how can it help me?

The Bursar

The Bursar’s Office has the responsibility of organizing your tuition account and can be quite helpful in setting up a payment plan.  Read More…


A Look at 2009-10 Changes to the FAFSA

FAFSA tips - increase financial aid eligibility. Learn how to maximize your federal aid for college by following some simple advice

Many exciting changes are currently in the works for the most widely used U.S. college financial aid application.  Read More…


Do Some Digging to Get College Financial Aid

Do Some Digging to Get College Financial Aid offers helpful tips on how to obtain financial aid for a higher education, including college scholarships, grants, loans, and work opportunities.  Read More…