To Declare or Not to Declare…That Is the Question

The benefits of picking a college major and beginning your college education undecided

Importance of Picking a College Major After Starting Your Education

Discover the benefits of picking a college major after already selecting your courses. Visit for helpful information on choosing a major in college.  Read More…


A Drive to Design

From packaging and websites to publications and textiles

As a student working toward a degree in any aspect of design, be prepared to dedicate yourself to your work. Design students spend a lot of time on their projects and assignments to create creative and unique results.  Read More…


What to Do with a Fine Arts Degree

Exploring your creative side

When you begin studying art at the college or university level, you will typically begin by focusing on the fundamentals of art.  Read More…


Focus On: Nursing

A non-judgmental advocate for patients

A degree in nursing allows one to teach, conduct research, or perform direct patient care.  Read More…

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Focus On: Social Work

A draw to help people

Social work allows you to be very direct in helping your clients and to address many of their needs in a creative way so that all of their needs can be met.  Read More…


Get Real in the Real World through College Student Internships

Spend some time getting experience in the workforce

Discover the importance of internships to college students, as well as valuable information, resources, and tools to help search for college profiles, scholarships, and internships.  Read More…


The Health Field: A Top Industry in the Job Market

An introduction to careers in the health field

If you have a strong interest in science and math and are comfortable being a leader, all kinds of doors are open to you, and those doors can lead to a rewarding career in health,
medicine, or nursing.   Read More…


Hospitality Management

Looking for a job in hospitality?

Jobs in hospitality, hotel management, and tourism can be very rewarding for the right person. The travel opportunities are, of course, paramount, but with the right mix of a college degree and experience, career advancement can be rapid and rewarding.  Read More…


How to Rule at Your Interview

Four tips to help you cope with your first interview

Tips on Preparing For Your Interview

Before you set out for your interview, do some research on the company. Just like your college search, you want to know what you are getting into.   Read More…


Etiquette for College Internships

Importance of maintaining professionalism long after the interview

Many doors may open to students as a result of doing college internships. Discover the importance of maintaining professionalism long after the internship interview.  Read More…