University of Advancing Technology

University of Advancing Technolog

UAT is a small private college focused exclusively on advancing and emerging technology disciplines.   Read More…


Career Spotlight: Band Director

Take a look at why one high school band director chose the career path she did

Kathleen Dishion, band director at Adams Central Community Schools in Monroe, Indiana, shares her insight and experiences in the world of teaching with us. From her days in her high school marching band to teaching grades 5–12 now, she says  Read More…

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So You Think You Want to Be a Lawyer

A look at what is in store for future law students

You always said you wanted to be a lawyer…but do you know what it takes to earn the degree? Consider the many challenges (and rewards) of law school as you plan your college career.  Read More…


Business Etiquette: Avoid the Temptation of Office Gossip

Learn effective ways to fit in with co-workers and present yourself professionally by avoiding the temptation of office gossip.  Read More…


From Business to Higher Education

Other opportunities for business majors

Do you like the college environment so much you want to work there after you graduate? Explore the types of jobs available at colleges and universities across the country.  Read More…


Career Exploration through the Occupational Outlook Handbook

Your guide to industry trends, salaries, and employment projections

Discover the latest industry trends, salaries, and employment projections, as well as tips for evaluating a job offer with the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Learn more at  Read More…

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Career Exploration through O*NET OnLine

Match your abilities and interests with job-related information

Take advantage of customized career exploration with the Occupational Information Network, or O*NET OnLine. Learn more about tailoring job-related information to your specifications at  Read More…


Test-Drive Your Future with a College Co-op Program

Gain a competitive edge in the job market after graduation

Cooperative education programs equip college students with valuable real-world work experiences, preparing them for today

Cooperative education programs equip college students with valuable real-world work experiences, preparing them for today’s competitive job market.  Read More…


Culinary Arts

The restaurant and foodservice industry

By pursuing a degree in culinary arts, you can immerse yourself in the cuisines and cultures of Latin and South America, the Mediterranean, and Asia with exciting courses taught by chefs who are natives of those regions.  Read More…


A Career as a Dancer

Focusing on movement and self-expression

Whether you study dance at a college, university, or conservatory, be prepared for an intense experience.   Read More…