Will Four-Year Degrees Soon Be Obsolete?


Some big names in higher ed are talking about the viability of three-year degrees. But are the savings substantial enough to outweigh the downsides?  Read More…


Defending the Fluff: The Value of Non-Major Classes


In college life, there’s a lot of emphasis on choosing “the right major” and taking “the right classes” in order to prepare for your future career. And for the most part, we’re down with that. But anyone who’s ever been  Read More…


Why Determining Your Learning Style Is Critical to Success


Establishing a learning style is crucial to your college success. What type of learner are you?  Read More…

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Choose Your Career First—Not Your College

Waiting too long to decide on a career path can be a costly mistake. Learn why students should embark on their journey with the end in mind–a future career–instead of just a major.   Read More…


Top 5 Summer Jobs for Max College Cash

Top Five Summer Jobs for Max College Cash

Looking for a summer job to help with college costs in the fall? Check out this list of jobs that are also great résumé-boosters!  Read More…


No Major? No Problem!

Anxious because you haven’t chosen a major? Read about three students who started out just like you and how they ended up in successful careers.  Read More…


Engineering is the New Plastics

Interested in engineering? Learn if a career in engineering is a good fit for you.  Read More…


Choosing a Major in College

An Important decision for every college student

Choosing a major in college is one of the most important decisions a student makes, but you needn’t lose sleep over it. Begin by asking yourself some key questions, including: Which high school subjects do I enjoy? What types of  Read More…


Decoding Nursing Careers: LPN, RN, APN? Get the Facts Behind the Abbreviations

If you have an interest in medicine and science and are motivated to provide care for others, consider the types of nursing careers available and the education required for each as you decide on your future career.   Read More…


A Career on the Stage or Screen

Considering a career in acting?

If you pursue an acting major, you’ll likely take courses in the liberal arts, stage speech and movement, directing, playwriting, play production, design, and the history of the drama, as well as practical courses in acting.   Read More…

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