Your Guide to Dorm Room Supply and Storage

Helping you smartly fill your closets and corners

While dorm rooms have certainly gotten fancier over the years, they’re still not all that spacious. How will you fit everything you need into a 12 x 14 room, especially if you’re sharing it with a roommate? Try these space-saving solutions and packing tips to get started.

  • Find out details about your dorm room and what is included. Many colleges and universities post floor plans and pictures on their Web sites. Will your desk come with shelving? Will you be provided with a chest of drawers or a closet? Will the door’s width fit standard-size door racks?
  • Pack and move your dorm room supplies using double-use items. For example, use containers (such as Yaffa blocks) or mesh totes that you can load with belongings and use as storage once you are settled in your room.
  • Think vertically when organizing your closet. Use double rack hangers to hang several items. Purchase a hanging shelf to store shoes, sweaters, or accessories.
  • Be creative when storing clothing. There will not be room to store clothing like you might at home. For instance, fold a t-shirt once vertically, and then roll it up. Using this packing method instead of traditional folding will save you drawer space.
  • Walls are for more than hanging posters. Use corkboard or memo boards to display photos; this prevents picture frames from cluttering your desk.
  • Take advantage of technology you probably already use. Using USB flash drives to save files eliminates the need to store CDs or floppy disks. Your iPod can even be used as an external hard drive.
  • Don’t forget under-bed storage for your supplies. Also, many home stores sell “bed pockets,” storage you can hang from the foot of your bed.


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