Your Academic Advisor

Guiding you through your academic career

You have arrived at school, met your roommate, unpacked your things, so what’s next? Do you meet the people on your floor? Do you join a club? Do you find where your classes are located? Luckily, there are many people to help you acclimate to your new surroundings. Your academic advisor will be one of these helpful people.

Depending on your school, your academic advisor may be a faculty member or staff member. Some schools have a centralized office for advising, while others organize advising through academic departments or schools. Some schools have specific advisors for first year or undecided major students. In any case, you will be assigned an advisor, and they will be equipped to help you with a number of things.  

Advisors meet with you to discuss your course selections, progress through a program, and other academic issues you may have. Some schools have policies about how often or when you must meet with your advisor. 

Your advisor will be familiar with your program and should work with you to make sure you meet requirements. By tracking your academic process, your advisor will be able to suggest courses, help you create an academic plan, and work with you so you graduate on time.

If you are not meeting academic requirements, your advisor will know and notify you if you are placed on academic probation. They will explain the regulations and what must be done to return to good standing.

Your advisor may also suggest resources and support services available to you. Schools usually have tutoring and writing centers that can work with you on specific difficulties or on a certain project. If you want extra help in a certain area, your advisor can help you find the right resources. 


This article was written by Ann Bezbatchenko

Ann Bezbatchenko earned a master's degree from The Catholic University of America, where she worked as the assistant director of graduate admissions. She currently works for Loyola University Chicago as the director of graduate and professional enrollment management.

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