Who Goes to a Community College?

Community colleges are growing by the numbers every year. Ever stopped to think about who exactly is enrolled in a community college and what the benefits are of a community college? Look no further, as all of the answers you are seeking in the mystery of community colleges can be found below.

Nearly half of all undergraduate students are enrolled in a two year college. Community colleges across the U.S. certify first-responders including emergency medical technicians, firemen, and police officers, as well as nurses and other healthcare workers.

Students deciding between the two year path or the four year path often factor in many options when deciding which route would best suite them. With the cost of traditional four year university programs continuing to rise, many are finding that the route to success begins with an associate degree from a two year college.

Lower tuition costs are of course a big plus when it comes to choosing between two year schools and four year schools, but it delves deeper than that. Small technical colleges can often lead you to the path of a good paying job early on in life, which will also afford you the ability to pay for the rest of your education without assuming debt in the form of student loans.

Four year colleges and universities may also give preference to transfer students from two year schools in that these students are considered to already be prepared for junior- and senior- level work.

With all of these benefits, it comes to no surprise that enrollment at two year colleges is increasing.

The biggest draw to community colleges is the wide diversity of programs offered to students. In the past, community colleges attracted a large number of students needed by manufacturing, engineering, and electrical technicians, along with the liberal sprinkling of healthcare technician associate degree programs.

Community colleges today are now offering programs for students interested in arts and humanities, business, criminal justice, computer programming, education and teaching, and restaurant and hotel management. Not only are two year colleges expanding on their course offerings, but they offer a low tuition costs and a possible benefit to being highly sought after for four year university programs. Ask yourself: What’s not to like?


This article was written by Hannah Purnell

Hannah Purnell is a staff writer for CollegeView.com. Hannah writes extensively on the topic of undergraduate studies and the college search process.

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