What to Expect When You Arrive at College

Getting acquainted with your surroundings and adjusting to college life

Adjusting to College Life — College Freshman Advice from CollegeView.comMoving to college and adjusting to college life can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you haven’t been acquainted with the campus before.

For those of you who are living on campus, after moving all of your belongings into the residence hall, you should try to make a personal tour around the campus. This will make for an easier transition on the first day of class. Be sure to make a list of places to find. For instance, you will want to find where and when you can eat at the various places on campus. 

If applicable, find out where you need to go to put money on your ID card. Many universities offer a plan to place money on the student ID card; you can spend that money on laundry, local food places, and even the bookstore. You should also go to the bookstore to find out what books you will need for your classes. 

During the first weekend that the students move in, remember that every student is in the same predicament and is adjusting to college dorm life just like you are. They don’t have all of the answers, but they do have some. Compare notes with them. They may have already found the information that you were looking for. 

It’s also encouraged to find a new person on the floor and find ways to know them better. You might even want to go together to find various offices and what each office offers to the students at your university. 

The best advice is to ask as many questions as you have. There is never a stupid question. If you feel uncomfortable asking the offices questions, find an upperclassman to help you. They’ve been in your shoes before and usually are willing to help and give a college freshman advice. 


This article was written by Megan O’Leary-Buda

Megan O’Leary-Buda holds a master’s degree in higher education administration from The University of Akron. She works at Quinnipiac University as the assistant director of residential life.

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