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University of Advancing TechnologUAT is a small private college focused exclusively on advancing and emerging technology disciplines. Our academic programs tend to be unique because they are focused on new and emerging technologies, and they are often introduced years ahead of other universities. UAT students pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in a Year-Round Balanced Learning environment in arts and sciences, which means that students pursue their studies year-round.

UAT is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission [ or (800) 621-7440/(312) 263-0456] and is a member of the North Central Association. UAT is also recognized by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security as a Center of Academic Excellence.

If you want to study and work on the cutting edge of technology, check out our programs:

Bachelor of Arts

UAT’s Bachelor of Arts programs emphasize creativity, design, and media arts in a technological environment. At the core of these programs is an understanding that technology arts and multimedia reach into everyone’s lives, virtually all of the time.

Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in the following majors:

  • Digital Media
  • Digital video
  • Game design
  • Game art and animation
  • Virtual modeling and design

Bachelor of Science

UAT’s Bachelor of Science programs offer opportunities to understand how technology integrates into society by adding functionality and speed to activity. Each science major is designed to provide opportunities to pursue a computer science education in an environment where continuously expanding technical expertise is vital and moves technology forward.

Students may earn a Bachelor of Science degree in the following majors:

  • Advancing computer science
  • Artificial life programming
  • Game programming
  • Network engineering
  • Network security
  • Robotics and embedded systems
  • Technology forensics
  • Technology management
  • Web and social media technologies


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