TuitionCoach Teaches Families How to Pay for College and Save Thousands in the Process

Checklist for College-Bound Student FinancesHaving served as a high school teacher, principal, and college counselor, I understand the challenges you face in helping students prepare for, apply to, and pay for college.

Trusted College Financial Aid Advice Is Hard to Find

My focus for the past 20 years has been on the financial side: helping families choose college funding options that preserve family assets—retirement funds in particular—and allow students to attend the college of their dreams. By teaching families how the system works, I’ve turned fear into confidence and helped them learn how to pay for college, often saving thousands in the process.

Why I Launched

I wanted to do more, to reach more families, and so I turned to the Internet and created, a website that provides expert advice and interactive tools to guide families through the college funding maze. Because TuitionCoach is an independent organization that does not sell any financial products, we are able to provide objective college funding guidance that is free from conflicts of interest. We help families calculate college costs, implement financial aid tips, compare financial aid offers, and learn how to pay for college. You can get an overview of our services by viewing our TuitionCoach tour.

A Great Counseling Tool

TuitionCoach can be a valuable complement to your counseling as you guide students through the college process. By working together we empower families to find and apply to the college that’s the best fit regardless of finances.

We’ve created a very easy way for you to give TuitionCoach a try. Our College Counselor Program lets you integrate TuitionCoach’s financial aid tools into your college planning work. This includes:

  • A free one-year subscription for your personal use
  • Free training to help you learn how to use TuitionCoach
  • Three free one-year subscriptions for you to provide to low-income families

Just e-mail for more information on the College Counselor Program.


This article was written by Dr. Paul Wrubel

Dr. Paul Wrubel, co-founder of, spent 40 years as a teacher, principal, and college counselor. He has helped more than 4,000 families build a successful college funding plan.

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