Top 10 Things to Bring to College That You Might Not Think Of

Make the transition to college life easier by remembering the details

So, you’re headed off to college. You have your microwave. You have your TV and shower caddy. You’re all packed up. You’ve read everything there is to read about putting your life in a box and heading down Education Avenue. There is no way you could have forgotten anything. Right?

Well, take a second look. There are a few small items that might just help your transition that you haven’t thought of. If you’ve managed to grab any or all of the items on our list of the top ten things you might not think to bring to college, then you’re a step ahead of most.

  • Quarters: Raid the parents’ couch cushions before you head out. You’ll need to freshen up your favorite t-shirt from time to time.
  • Extension Cords: Most dorm rooms aren’t the newest spots in town. Coming prepared with more outlets means you’re ready to plug in faster than everyone else.
  • Air Freshener: Nobody wants to be the smelly kid. Having cleaning supplies doesn’t actually mean you’ll use them. This should buy you a couple extra days to cleaning day.
  • Mattress Pad: Top bunk, bottom bunk, lofted beds; choosing a room arrangement doesn’t guarantee a comfy night’s sleep. Buy this and make your own pillow-top.
  • Water Filter: Older buildings typically mean older piping. Older piping means you’ll need help to work toward some higher quality H2O.
  • Change of Address Form: If you receive any monthly magazines or bills in the mail, it’s best to have them forwarded to your new home.
  • Umbrella: Getting caught in the rain can be fun. Getting caught in the rain with a freshly typed term paper in hand is not.
  • School Supplies: You can buy most of your pens and pencils on campus. You can buy them off campus cheaper. Come prepared.
  • Bike: Getting to class faster means you get to sleep in longer.
  • Can Opener: Canned eats make for quick, easy meals. Make sure you can open those containers.


This article was written by Heath Stephens

Heath Stephens is a 2006 graduate of Miami University currently residing in Washington, DC. He currently holds a bachelor of arts degree in English literature.

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