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With a commitment of service to its students, the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College was established in 1974 and is dedicated to inspiring the future of the restaurant and hotel industry through training that is dynamic, timely, and insightful. It combines both intensive classroom training and practical experience; students use their knowledge while they learn. Bachelor and Associate of Science degrees are offered in four majors: culinary arts, pastry arts, hotel management, and restaurant management. Before or upon graduation, students are working in the field, earning an income, building a résumé, and gaining practical and professional experience.

The four majors—culinary arts, pastry arts, hotel management, and restaurant management—provide a broad-based knowledge of the overall workings of a fine restaurant or hotel. Beyond that, the programs prepare the student for the day-to-day skills and specific knowledge that are required as he or she develops a career as a chef, pastry chef, hotel manager, or restaurateur. In addition, the college’s curriculum includes up to 12 nationally recognized food service and hospitality management courses. 

Travel is an integral part of the curriculum. The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College is the first school in the country to offer travel experience as part of its course offerings across all majors. Culinary and pastry students participate in an eight-day tour of France, and hotel and restaurant management students participate in an eight-day Orlando resort and cruise tour. This travel experience enhances both training and résumés. A study-abroad program to England is in place for all bachelor students.

The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College is located in the University City section of Philadelphia, neighboring both the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University. Located just across the Schuylkill River from Center City, University City has a wonderful college-town ambiance; restaurants, museums, shops, and theaters abound, with local merchants offering discounts to students. The Amtrak train station is within walking distance of the campus, and the airport is 20 minutes away by car. 

An application for admission to the college is available to any individual with a high school diploma or its equivalent and an interest in developing a career or ownership options in fine restaurant, food service, or hospitality. Applicants are evaluated on their educational background and demonstrated or stated interest in their chosen field. Two references are required, as are high school transcripts.

For more information please call the Office of Admissions at (215) 222-4200, ext. 3011, or toll free at (877) 925-6884, ext. 3011. Or visit us on the Web at

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