The Benefits of Having a College Education

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The benefits of having a college education are manifold and range from financial to cultural. From common benefits to some unexpected surprises, below you will find a number of reasons which will help to serve as justification for a higher education.

A Few Unexpected Benefits of a College Education

For many high school students, it is hard to imagine what the long term benefits of a college education might be. College is intimidating, the work seems daunting, and meeting all new people seems overwhelming.

What if I don’t make any new friends? What if I am having trouble adjusting to dorm life. What if the work is too difficult? However, what most young people do not realize is that the majority of freshmen experiences the same fears.

As a high school student, you value your friends, and parting from those friends may be difficult to think about. The good news, though, is that when you arrive at college, there is a high likelihood that you will find others with similar interests, values and even senses of humor. Additionally, you may find yourself developing new interests by becoming acquainted with those who have completely different life experiences than you.

Often when people find themselves realizing the benefits of a college education, they look back to a time when they first met lifelong friends. In college, your most important task is to learn and begin to take charge of your life by making your own choices. In fact, what you are expected to do is more than likely exactly what you would like to do: learn more about intriguing subjects and spend lots of time with your friends. What better justification for a higher education do you need? One of the key benefits of a college education is the bonds which are created and developed during this unique time in a person’s life.

An opportunity to get to know your professors can also be counted as one of the benefits of having a college education. These intellectuals can be counted on to welcome questions and discussion from students. Indeed, they would not be there if passing on knowledge wasn’t a passion for them.

Many high school students are too young to understand fully that an equally important aspect of the college experience is making connections. Making connections means simply creating relationships with people who are further along in their careers than you. Your professors in college enjoy playing this role and are happy to help you with your journey after college.

When it comes time to search for a job and take advantage of the benefits of a higher education, you can call on those in the network you’ve built in order to make this process much easier. One of the benefits of having a college education is creating a strong connection with instructors to give yourself an advantage when beginning the job-seeking process.

Another one of the many benefits of a college education is meeting others from distant places with diverse backgrounds. Gaining the awareness that proximity to diversity affords is another justification for a higher education. Making the acquaintance of people with diverse histories gives you a broader world view, cultural understanding, and sophistication. At college, you’ll surround yourself with people who can share a multitude of backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

Employment Benefits of a College Education

Before entering the workplace, it is a good idea to take advantage of this opportunity for social growth and learning, along with other young people who are doing the same. The fact that you’ll be building a career for the rest of your life is reason enough to make time for a college education, in every sense of the word. Indeed, a clear benefit of a college education is that not only will it give you time to better know your likes and dislikes before entering the labor force, it will also enhance the likelihood of a more lucrative career for you.

When you spend as much time as you’re likely going to in building a career, it’s important that you choose something you enjoy and can perform well. If you make yourself aware of your choices by learning about each of your many options, you will increase your chances of being more satisfied with your career later in life.

Many young people are uncertain about a career path at the start of college. This is a time of exploration, and taking the time to explore a variety of college majors is time well spent. If you explore a major that appeals to you, the payoff will be much larger than without an education. The more formal education you have, the more confident you’ll be. As a new graduate, when you go out into the world to places far and wide, those in hiring positions will base an opinion of you largely on your college education. Even though you’re aware of your stellar personality, they’re not. If the education on your resumé looks impressive, they are more apt to see you as a hard working, competent young person.

Decreased Debt – Justification for Higher Education

In any event, justification for higher education could be that it’s the best way to delay having to get a job! After prolonging your career search while obtaining a valuable college education, you will find that your career choices will likely be much more substantial with your degree. And while a larger salary is not a guarantee, unless you already have a promising career at 18, you drastically increase your earning potential if you attend college.

Thankfully, with the advent of the Internet, it’s now easier than ever to find different ways to pay for college. Taking advantage of these scholarship and grant opportunities can decrease the necessity for a loan to finance your education in the first place.

College-Bound Student Information

CollegeView offers an extensive amount of valuable information and resources for the college-bound student. Please follow these links to discover more ways we can help you in your choice for an educational pathway:


This article was written by Jeff McGuire


  1. Brian Nichol

    One of the many benefits of becoming a college student are, first of all the chance to meet new people from many different backgrounds and cultures many of these people may and probably will become good friends of yours with whom a close bond will be developed during the many hours of studying together. Another benefit I see is that as I begin to change to a more positive way of thinking. or should I say a more educated train of thought I will be able to make better decisions in my life. As for the many things I will learn along the way they will help me to gain knowledge of a new job skill that I can fine tune to my own benefit or to that of a certain trade or profession, and also as I spend more time learning about a career I want to pursue the salary range will increase with the more education I have, the chance of being hired will increase and I will be able to choose where I want to work not just take a job because I have to survive. As for the seven excuses why not to go to college, I think this goes to show that any type of change will be difficult at first then after you get adjusted most people if not all of them like it and then nobody really wants to leave. Another point is the fact that you can get paid fairly well to attend school, I think this is a very good idea.

  2. netbizguy

    Well, I couldn’t agree any better. All you have said are true. There are many people that have had great impact on our societies through their college education for history tells us this. Even though, I think college education has done much for humanity, I wish to say now that the time for college education is getting outmoded.

    I am saying this because just as people have had impact in our society because of their college background, there are equally great men who did great things in the history of humankind who never had any college education whatsoever. Have you thought about how they did that?

    These people who became successful without college education found out a great truth that those who have the college education never did. This truth is that-most college drop out become Entrepreneurs while most college graduates become Employees- Have you noticed this very truth?

    You see, college graduates have been told by their school authorities how intelligent they are by their Grade Points and Degrees. As a result of that, they seek for the higher job positions where they can be bossy over others, where they can have their voice heard cos they think they possess all intelligence-where they can quickly get a job with a better salary instantly.

    As we look at the positives of being a college graduate, we then have to look at the negatives- These graduates never want to use their brains so most don’t become Entrepreneurs so they accept already existing jobs not ready to think to create their own.

    They become active income earners who work for money and never receive income when they quit their jobs.

    Most never realize their dreams cos they never really have the chance to pursue their dream business cos college presented them with course they wish they studied and not what the graduates had interest in.
    I have this new blog I am working on which tries to talk much on this topic and I wish you check on some related articles at twinprojectafricaDOTblogspotDotcom

  3. allee gee

    i think that these are all very good reasons to want a college education especially if you want a long good paying career

  4. tmc

    going to college gives you an opportunity to meet new people, explore career options and to experince being away from home. You gain a sense of independence by making your own schedule, and by shopping on your own. You learn to manage work study money in order to supply the things you may need while living on campus. You make friends with people you had no idea you would connect with. You get a better understanding of other’s views and do things like particiapte in clubs and or go on field trips that you never thought you would do before. Going to college is the best thing you could do. Staying home and not getting a higher level of education makes no sense and you only suffer in the long run.

  5. sharese n. beasley

    I am very disappointed about filling online or request housing dorm application. I should pay all of my books and fees to get in this fall. Plus, car insurance, rental car too!

  6. Tiantian Gousie

    I am doing an Isearch paper and thankfully this article was very helpful!!

  7. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of info. I’m happy that you
    shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. janice johnson

    I believe that seeking higher education was the best thing one can choose. If you want a good career you must know what it takes to achieve it.

  9. monicaaa

    This helped me so much! “Writers block” was really getting me!

  10. Hallie

    Getting an education is great! I was a failure in high school. I didn’t get good grades and was a trouble maker. Now, I am almost finished with community college. I feel like I’m worth something, when in the past working as a manager in the food industry I felt replaceable and worthless. I plan on getting my bachelors of science in medical technology. After that’s done, I want to get my graduaye degree degree in veterinary medicine. Achieving my goals and learning makes me feel good about myself. I definity didn’t have those feelings working at a job that practically anyone can get. I think everyone should go to college. It’s worth it!

  11. onasia

    college is important that is where your life starts after u finish college follows your porfessional job there is where u help out in the home

  12. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article!
    It is the little changes which will make the greatest changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. eric w

    Not sure if I can totally agree with previous comments on this subject. The truth is
    Smart ,bright all of my life. Then one day it all came down on me,like a ton of bricks…most people FAIL after college. It looks like,it very well depends on who you are and where you are. It was nice while attending college. Iv’e always done well through out HS ,military and college. I earned a BS in business with a 3.2 gpa with nothing to show for it. It feels as though everything stopped after college. I have been unemployed since graduation 8/10/2010. I have applied for every and anything. I have felt stuck mentally in a stage of dis-belief SHOCK treatment after college. I’m trying to scrape money up to start my own business.

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  15. lewis

    Unless you want to work in the Federal or state government, think twice about getting a degree. Nothing has changed in the last 100 years. Its all about having connections! When I was in school it was great with many opportunities for jobs if you were a college graduate. Way too many people have been pushed into college who didn’t belong there. Just listen to some of the individuals and how they talk. I am amazed at how they got through, but then on the other hand, EEO has made a lot of things happen for lots of individuals and the younger generation see it when they apply for jobs, especially if you are not a minority.

  16. c. mccue

    To Eric W
    About your unemployment-SEEK HELP. First place to begin is at the college where you earned your bachelor’s. It’s generically called the college career center, but a reference librarian can tell you exactly where to find it on the campus. At the career center, an objective view and a coach are available to you & can do wonders for your confidence and successfully finding a job. About being bright, that’s awesome. Have you thought, “Perhaps I didn’t apply myself?” Did you grasp the subject at hand and apply it to something completely different? Getting grades is good, but application of learned subject matter is the key to high order thinking skills (HOTS). Look it up! They are the key to being a great problem solver. Problem solving is a sought-after commodity in this global market we work in. Perhaps these of yours need improving. If you earned a grade, but didn’t learn the material, it’s hard making decisions without the proper knowledge base to apply to various scenarios you may propose. So, if this is the case, look for an internship, where you can learn/absorb what you may have skipped over. Your college career center can also point you to these types of opportunities. I wish you the best! Inspiration for discouraged times: “Never, never, never give up! “Winston Churchill

  17. Hector Canizales

    I’m an immigrant and I paint houses. I make pretty good money with any College Degree. Who cares about College. It’s too much money for nothing.

  18. don’t regret it

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  20. Ben Delorenze

    I’m in highschool. I’m already scared of college.

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