Students and Their Parents

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The Student

I had attended a Christian high school, and I wanted to continue that type of education. I was seeking a place where students have close relationships, and professors know you by name. The small class size was also very important, as well as biblical perspectives and worldviews. I did only consider Christian colleges and universities.

How did you narrow your choices and select one school?

After having visited several schools, SWU was the only one that “felt right” for me. I wish I could tell you something more definitive, but it was really just an awkward feeling that I had when I was on other campuses, even other Christian campuses. For some reason, SWU just “fit” for me.

How was your transition to college life? Did you do anything to make the process easier?

No. Professors know the transition can be difficult, so they make freshman level courses somewhat similar to high school to help. The classes definitely get more difficult as students progress!

What activities have you been involved in since you’ve been at school? How have they enriched your university experience?

The main activity that I have been involved with at school has been the school’s work-study program. I learned so much about graphic design and
development. I had the opportunity to be the yearbook editor, which was an experience that I enjoyed. I was able to manage a team, as well as work under pressure and meet deadlines. It was great!

Do you think your classroom experience has been unique? If so, how?

I truly believe that SWU has some of the greatest professors in the world! Professors go out of their ways to learn a student’s name, even if the professor doesn’t have the student in his or her classroom. In addition, professors’ doors are always open. Professors will talk with students outside the classroom if necessary for any
reason—academic, personal, anything. Students can really see professors care. Classes are small and provide the opportunity for students to get to know one another as well.

How has your experience at a Christian university helped in planning your future?

I know that I want to serve the Lord and spend my life impacting the lives of others, just as my Christian professors have impacted my life.

What advice do you have for other students considering a Christian college or university?

If you are considering a Christian university, go for it! For me, the experience has been worth the extra money required to attend. The relationships I have built with professors and other students are priceless. Maybe a Christian campus isn’t for everybody, but pray and seek the Lord’s guidance, and He will show you the way.

The Parent

When you began looking at colleges and universities with your daughter, were you only considering Christian schools? If so, why? If not, what other kinds of schools were you considering?

Yes. Christ should be the center and most important in our lives, so should He be in education and career choices.

Did you attend any college fairs and/or college-sponsored activities with your daughter?


Did you visit many colleges before you selected one? Do you have any advice for other parents visiting colleges?

We visited about four campuses. My advice for parents would be to visit at a time other than “college preview” day/week and sit in on classes unannounced.

As a parent, what were your top priorities when you were deciding on a school?

My top priorities were biblical views/teaching and Christian professors.

Did you look into financial aid and scholarship opportunities? If so, what advice do you have for parents seeking financial assistance?

Yes. My advice to parents is to begin early. Also, the aid workshop we attended at SWU was very helpful.

What opportunities do you feel your daughter has at a Christian college that she would not have received at another college or university?

She has been able to participate in mission opportunities/education, worship, prayer, and relationships with other believers, and she has gained encouragement to grow in her walk with God.


This article was written by Jennifer Potts

Jennifer Potts graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Southern Wesleyan. Her father, Ron, and her mother, Judy, live in Fair Play, South Carolina, and are very involved with their church, Hepsibah Baptist in Seneca. Jennifer is anticipating the possibility of teaching biology at a Christian school and pursuing a master's degree sometime in the near future.

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