Recession Blues Got You Down? Find a Career with Staying Power

We’ve all heard enough about the recession—on major news channels, in political debates, and on the lips of our friends and neighbors—to know that it’s no joke. As the world economy continues its steady decline, many students are gravitating toward those industries that are predicted to experience growth despite the current financial turmoil.

Do Recession-Proof Jobs Exist?

It’s not always easy to foresee trends in global economics, but some industries are time-tested in weathering difficulty. Other positions have been created in response to the changing economy. While no field is immune to recession, here are some possibilities that show more promise than others:

1. Education

With the population continuing to increase and Baby Boomers starting to retire, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the teaching industry will experience substantial growth in coming years. For teachers, however, location is key. Use the CollegeView college search tool to find teaching degree options all over the United States.

2. Health Care

The world’s wealth is currently dwindling, but its sick and injured populations show no such decrease. Nursing and other health care jobs show more demand than ever, and with some programs requiring as little as two years’ commitment, students can achieve a fulfilling career in less time than it would take to earn a bachelor’s degree.

3. Environment/Energy

In response to the world’s current energy crisis—which some experts identify as a contributing factor to the economic downturn—many American companies have begun to diligently implement environmentally friendly strategies and find alternatives to exhaustible fuel. Students of these ever-expanding fields are well placed to earn rewarding opportunities.

4. Security/Law Enforcement

Crime, unfortunately, is a commodity that is never in short supply. Therefore, the industry calls for capable agents of justice in sectors as diverse as the Department of Homeland Security and privately contracted protection services.

5. International Business

As the world’s nations become more connected, individuals with knowledge of another culture or language will be vital at every level of business to facilitate interaction between parties. In coming years, multicultural and bilingual students will have an advantage over their classmates as they pursue careers in international business.

These are just a few of the industries expected to not only survive but thrive over the next decade. Using CollegeView’s searchable database, you can connect with hundreds of college programs that will prepare you for the opportunities that pay off long after graduation.


This article was written by Hannah Purnell

Hannah Purnell is a staff writer for Hannah writes extensively on the topic of undergraduate studies and the college search process.

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