Questions for Your College Visit

Prepare for a college visit by planning questions in advance to gain more information

Questions for your College Campus VisitThe purpose of visiting a college is to find out more information about the school. However, to find out the information you want, you may need to ask some questions.

If you are stumped on which questions to prepare for the college admissions staff, here is a list to get you started:


What are your most well-known programs? A lot of students ask, “Is your _________ program good?” Admissions counselors are hesitant to say, “No, that program isn’t our best,” even if it may be. However, if you ask, “What are your most well-known programs?,” they will be more likely to state the best programs and leave out the programs which are weaker.

Do you accept AP credits?

Are professors required to have office hours? A lot of students ask, “How is your professor availability?” Admissions counselors are hesitant to say, “Our professor availability is poor.” even if it may be. However, if you phrase the question, “Are professors required to have office hours?,” you may gain a better feel of professor availability.

In general, you may want to avoid asking open-ended questions. By asking a question that only requires a “yes” or “no” response, you will not receive the information you are seeking.

Student Life

Do you offer a shadowing or overnight program for prospective students? If they do offer a shadowing or overnight program, you will be able to follow a current student around the university, which typically offers you an accurate view of student life. You may even be able to sign up for such a program during your college visit!

What on-campus activities do you offer? How do students find out about off-campus activities?

Is housing guaranteed? Are the dorms co-ed? What is the visitation policy for dorms?

What percentage of students are commuters?

Do you have sororities and fraternities? If so, what percentage of students participate? Even if you are not interested in Greek life, finding out what percentage of students do participate is important because you want to know if you will be in the majority or minority.

Financial Information

What is the tuition? Follow-up question: Does that include Room and Board?

Am I automatically considered for any merit-based college scholarship when I apply?

Enjoy your visits and ask away! Remember, prepare for the college visit because the admissions staff is there to answer any questions.


This article was written by Anne Williamson

Anne Williamson, a graduate of the University of Richmond in Richmond, has worked as an admissions counselor at Drexel University.

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