Meeting New People

Finding friends you'll have forever

If you are scared because you’re beginning college in a new town away from family and friends, don’t be. College is a great place to meet new people and build some of the greatest relationships.

The first step to meeting new people and being adjusted to college life is getting involved on campus. Don’t be frightened to talk to new people, especially if you live in a dorm. These people will be the ones helping you in classes and in the social atmosphere of college.

By participating in programs across campus, you’ll naturally meet new faces. Normally at the beginning of each school year, there are many kick-off activities and parties around campus. If you cannot find anything to do, search bulletin boards around campus or your campus’s Web site and in the department of student activities. Most likely you’ll find a new club or organization that sounds interesting enough to try. In other words, don’t just sit in your dorm room and expect to meet new people and not feel bored.

Some schools hold an orientation the summer before you begin classes. This is an opportune time to meet new incoming students. Regularly, these orientations will consist of an activities and information fair. This will include every organization and activity on campus, and it is an awesome way to see what campus life is all about at your new college.


This article was written by Megan O’Leary-Buda

Megan O’Leary-Buda holds a master’s degree in higher education administration from The University of Akron. She works at Quinnipiac University as the assistant director of residential life.

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