Intramurals on a College Campus

Get involved and meet new people

When you arrive on a college campus everything is new and exciting. Meeting new people and finding your way around can be nerve-racking; however, once you start your class schedule, you will begin to hear of other opportunities on campus to get involved with and meet new people through.

One of those areas will be intramurals sports. Intramurals will either be lead by student government, student development, or the student affairs/activities office of the university or college. Small colleges will have everything from a student lead program to those who have a director of campus recreation/intramurals.

Intramurals will include many kinds of gaming and sporting events from table games to rough and tumble type of sports. Watch for advertising such as posters, sign-up tables, campus television announcements, and campus-wide e-mails that will announce the beginning of sign-ups for an upcoming intramural event. You can also look on the school’s Web site and click on “campus life” or “athletics;” that should take you to a page that will have campus recreation or intramurals and provide you with the information you are looking for. If you do not see anything after a couple of weeks of school, ask an upper classman about what type of intramurals the school has and keep asking until you find someone who knows. Most likely, you will see something within the first weeks of school.

Intramurals are a great way to expand your base of friends on campus, to divert your attention (for a while) from the pressures of the classroom, and, of course, to help keep the “freshman 15” off the body.

National Intramural Recreational Sports Association has done a study concerning intramural sports on the college campus and its value (The Value of Recreational Sports in Higher Educations). The results show that many times students were drawn to campuses because of what the school offered in campus recreation and fitness. The study also demonstrated that students involved in campus recreation, combined with a balanced schedule, showed greater alertness in classes and enjoyment of their college experience.

Campus recreation and intramurals will usually involve all your basic sports like flag football, basketball, etc. Creativity will add many other opportunities, such as crazy races, dodge ball, and even electronic game tournaments. Each school will develop its own style of gaming and awards. Many schools have championship t-shirts that show you have won a league championship or a tournament championship, and these shirts are highly sought after on campus.

Campus recreation also includes club/extramural teams (teams who play other schools but are not a varsity program), fitness centers, outdoor adventure clubs, and aquatics. These are in addition to the sporting program of intramurals.

There are opportunities for students at some schools to work in the intramural program, giving those students leadership experience and an opportunity to develop their people skills. Fresh ideas are always a helpful to program as well.

Campus recreations allow students to continue their education outside of the classroom as well. However, the greatest part of intramurals will be the memories and friendships you make throughout your college career. These memories will live on with you and your friends for a lifetime.

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This article was written by Bob Kring

Bob Kring is the director of campus recreation at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

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