College Admission Essay Advice to Help You Stand Out

College admission essay advice to help you stand out

As part of their admission application, several colleges and universities require that you write a college admission essay to help them get to know you. Many of these schools are now receiving more applications than ever before, and as more candidates apply, the college admission essay provides you with a distinct opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Every day, admission counselors are inundated with applications from candidates all over the country. A typical counselor may review up to 50 applications a day, and with each application typically averaging between ten and 20 pages, they could potentially read over 1,000 pages in a single workday. How will you stand out when you write your college admission essay? Below are some tips to help ensure your essay gets noticed among thousands of applicants. You can also follow this link for additional information on how to write a college admission essay to get in, and get more.

Tips on How to Write a College Admission Essay

How will your essay get noticed among so many applications? The answer is by using distinguishable detail. Admission counselors may receive thousands of applications prior to making their final selections, and if you do not use idiosyncratic detail when you write your college admission essay, it will likely blend in with the majority of the essays and may simply be disregarded.

Before you begin writing your essay, it is important to take some time and create a list of your most distinguishable characteristics. This will help you when you are determining how to answer each of the essay questions. Typically speaking, admission counselors are very detail-oriented people and will commend applicants for putting forth the effort to make their college admission essay all their own. Here are some guidelines for how to write a college admission essay to get noticed:

  • Create an outline—Review all of the questions and consider exactly what each is asking. Then create an informal outline which lists your main ideas for each question. Outlines serve as an excellent resource to help you remember how you want to approach each question when you write your college admission essay.
  • Make it personal—One of the most important details to remember of how to write a college admission essay is to make it personal. Do not write an essay which could have been written by any other applicant. To help ensure you stand out from other candidates, write your college admission essay from your own unique perspective so that, when read, the reader feels like they know you personally.
  • Be resourceful—It can often be difficult to produce distinctive ideas that will catch the eye of prospective readers. To help you devise a strategy, make use of the resources around you. Ask those who know you best for advice on how you can stand out when you write your college admission essay. Re-read any recommendation letters for inspiration and remember to incorporate accomplishments from your rsum into the essay.
  • Build on information from your application—When you write your college admission essay, be sure to build upon information included in your application and rsum. Use specific examples and detailed information to give readers a distinct portrayal of your experiences and successes.
  • Follow guidelines—Some basic college admission advice worth mentioning is to ensure you follow essay guidelines. By not adhering to even the smallest details, your essay may leave a negative impression in the minds of admission counselors.
  • Appearance is important—Your essay may serve as the foundation for whether or not you are admitted into the college of your choice, which is why it is very important that it has professional appearance. Double and triple-check for grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation rules to help make certain your essay appears neat and well-thought out.
  • Save your essay—After following these recommendations on how to write a college admission essay, it is important that you save your composition to use time and time again. While it is important to tailor each essay toward the college you are applying, it is acceptable to use the same ideas from your original work. This will help to save time, but remember, the committee should not be able to tell the essay wasn’t composed to answer their particular questions.

Use these recommendations to help your essay stand out among several applications. When you write your college admission essay, however, keep in mind that committee members are looking for candidates who will fit in with their overall mission and are worthy of the award. It is to your advantage to determine what that mission is and to customize your essay accordingly.

Have Fun When You Write Your College Admission Essay

Of all the recommendations given on how to write a college admission essay, one of the most important to remember is to just have fun. Make your essay interesting and appealing to read. Incorporate emotion into it. Your essay should leave a positive and long-lasting impression in the minds of the readers, and you can accomplish that by simply making it all your own and having fun. Good luck.

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