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The importance of a Hispanic higher education in the United States is becoming more and more evident. As the fastest growing segment of the U.S. workforce, providing Hispanics with the opportunity to attend college has not only proven to be beneficial for Hispanic Americans, it has also supplied employers with talented, well-educated employees.

If you are a Hispanic American in pursuit of a higher education, you can use our free Hispanic college and university search tool to find a list of pertinent schools throughout the United States.

Begin Your Hispanic College and University Search Early

Deciding which campus to attend can often be an overwhelming task. With numerous colleges and universities to choose from, it is important that you begin your Hispanic college and university search as early as possible. While you may not necessarily be ready to ultimately decide which college you will attend during your sophomore year in high school, it is not too early to start assembling a list of desired qualities.

There are several factors to consider when narrowing down your top college list, including location, student body size, majors available, financial aid available, and extracurricular activities. To help you decide which Hispanic college or university is right for you, we recommend you rate each of these factors in order to create an ideal list of higher education institutions.

Another important factor to consider is the type of school you wish to attend. Are you interested in attending a Hispanic community college? Community colleges are typically smaller in size than standard colleges and universities and often have less disparity in their student to faculty ratio. They also tend to be less expensive than larger institutions.

Do you have a distinct type of profession in mind? If so, you can use our college search tool to select the particular area of study you wish to seek out. If you would one day like to become an entrepreneur, you may want to create a Hispanic business college list to help you narrow your search. Whether you are looking for a community college or a Hispanic business college, however, the more specific criterion you are able to establish before your search, the less overwhelming it will become.

Financing Your Hispanic College Education

The cost of college tuition is on the rise, and while the importance of a higher education is quite evident in today’s world, many students and their families have difficulty finding ways to fund their Hispanic college education. Below we will outline some suggestions on where you can look to help finance the cost of tuition:

  • Federal financial aid—The nation’s largest financial aid resource is the federal government, and in order to obtain any scholarships or grants they provide Hispanic college students, you must first file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is a mandatory requirement for anyone trying to acquire federal aid. To learn more about filing this crucial application, please follow this link: FAFSA for Financial Aid
  • Local financial aid—When attempting to find ways to fund a Hispanic college or university education, be sure to look in your own community. Often times, local organizations such as the Rotary Club, the American Legion, and the Boosters chapter will set aside scholarship funds specifically for college-bound students in the area. A great place to start your local search is at your student’s high school career office. It is a stop that may be well worth your time.
  • Categorical financial aid—Many Hispanic college students are able to obtain scholarships and grants based solely on their ethnicity. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) currently provides more scholarship support to the Hispanic community than any other organization in the country. Whether you are a high school senior, a community college student seeking to transfer to a four-year school, a continuing college or university student trying to complete your degree, or a student in a graduate or professional program, the HSF offers scholarship opportunities to help you complete your Hispanic college education.
  • Corporate financial aid—Each year, thousands of college-bound students receive financial aid from corporations around the country. Find out which corporate scholarships you may be eligible for by following this link: College Financial Aid and Grant Information

Plan Early

No matter where you attempt to obtain financial aid for college funding, be sure to begin your search early. The earlier the research process gets underway, the bigger the payoff for college-bound students and their families. While it may sound too early, starting the financial aid search process sophomore year is ideal. During this time, students should begin collecting and organizing applications, essays, recommendations, test scores and transcripts. Beginning your search early will help you to earn financial aid for the Hispanic college of your choice.

There are numerous college scholarships and grants available to younger students, and to give yourself the best chance to take advantage of them, it is important to begin applying for financial aid during your junior year of high school. To help ensure you receive funding for your Hispanic college or university education, we recommend creating a family calendar of application deadlines. There is a substantial amount of paperwork included with obtaining financial aid, and by creating a calendar, you will be better prepared to complete this paperwork on time and meet important deadlines.

College-Bound Student Information

In addition to offering information and resources for Hispanic college students, CollegeView also offers an extensive amount of valuable information and resources help you in your choice for an educational and career pathway:


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