Helping Your Students Prepare for the Exams

How can you help your students prepare for the tests?

Helping Your College-Bounds Students Prepare for Entrance ExamsYou can help your college-bound students to prepare for the ACT and SAT by encouraging them to:

Take college-preparatory courses throughout high school. Students who succeed in advanced English, math, science, and social studies tests generally do well on both the ACT and the SAT entrance exams.

Take practice tests. Visit Kaplan’s Web site for free practice tests, test registration, test strategies, and other helpful information.

Review prior test results. If your students have taken the ACT or SAT before,
you may request detailed score reports for an extra charge, and help them learn from the mistakes they made on prior tests. Also, many schools give the PLAN to sophomores and the PSAT to juniors. The PLAN is published by the same company, tests the same academic areas, and has the same format as the ACT. The PSAT is published by the same company, tests the same areas, and has a format similar to the SAT. The original test books and detailed score reports are returned, at no extra cost, to the students who have taken these tests. It is a good idea for your college-bound students to look closely at these materials and learn from their mistakes.

Get extra help in problem areas. High schools often offer tutoring sessions prior to the exams to help students who need some extra review. Preparation books are available at libraries and bookstore. And some private organizations offer test-prep courses; Kaplan is one such organization.

Preparing for college can be strenuous at times and having to take entrance exams can add to the pressure. However, a systematic, common-sense approach to preparing
for and taking these exams
will ensure that your students get accepted to the colleges you have selected and—hopefully—will qualify them for financial aid to help pay for their college education.


This article was written by Sally Wood

Sally Wood is a freelance writer and editor from Marionville, Missouri. She worked as a high school counselor in the Aurora R-VIII School District in Aurora, Missouri, from 1980–2000.

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