Haunted Campus: 5 College Ghost Stories

Kenyon-College-e1351559631961The weather is turning chilly, dead leaves are falling—what better time to break from the books for a ghostly tale or two?

We’ve all heard the one about the Lovers’ Lane psycho with a hook for a hand—which is a totally true story and not at all a cautionary tale meant to scare the hanky-panky out of adolescent sweethearts, of course.

But here are a few more you may not be as familiar with. Some are light-hearted, others slightly disturbing. Are they based on real events or concocted just for Halloween fun? You be the judge. Read on, and pay no attention to that faint scratching noise behind you…

Controversial new diet sweeps college campuses
Two weeks into his first semester, a student has already squandered the bulk of his financial aid. With the few dollars he has left, he buys boxes of cheap ramen noodles and survives by eating them exclusively for the remainder of the term. This splurge-then-starve routine works out pretty well, so he repeats it each term until, in his junior year, he begins to experience strange bruising, scaly skin, and swollen, bleeding gums. He visits his doctor and is checked into the local hospital as the first recorded case of scurvy in 150 years.

Co-ed’s real cries for help go unnoticed during “Scream Week”
Desperate to blow off finals stress, students around the country participate in something called “Scream Week,” which consists of coordinated noisemaking—slamming doors, banging pans, or, in this case, screaming loudly and repeatedly from dorm windows. It was all fun and games until one co-ed’s very real screams—a response to being brutally attacked in her dorm room—went unheard amidst the ruckus. She was found murdered the following morning.

Give up partying—or give up a lot more
No campus thriller list would be complete without this classic: A guy gets a bit tipsy at a party, meets a cute girl, and follows her to another party where he continues to drink heavily with strangers into the night. He loses consciousness at some point and wakes up later, naked, in a bathtub filled with ice. There’s a telephone next to him along with a note: Call 911 NOW. The responding medical personnel discover that his kidneys have been stolen. It’s later learned that the thieves are specialized criminals who target drunken college students, selling their organs on the black market for up to $20,000 a pop.

The flat tire ate my homework
Two business students are off on a fun-filled beach getaway—so much fun, in fact, that they decide to extend the trip despite an important exam scheduled for Monday morning. They cook up a plan and e-mail their professor, claiming to be stranded far from campus with a flat tire. The professor seems sympathetic to their plight and agrees to let them make up the exam later. He greets them upon their return and places them in separate rooms for the exam. The students sail through the test, confident they’ve successfully pulled one over…until they reach the final question, worth 90% of their grade: Which tire?

Transcripts to kill for
And finally: a young freshman gets carried away with her newfound freedom, and before long she’s in danger of flunking out. She remembers hearing once that any college student whose roommate commits suicide will automatically be granted a 4.0 GPA, and…you guessed it. She slips anti-freeze into her roommate’s coffee, forges a suicide note, and sits back to wait for a consolation call from the dean. It’s only after she is arrested and charged with first-degree murder that she learns a) e-mails, Web searches, and credit card receipts are traceable, and b) the straight-A’s-for-suicide “policy” is a popular urban legend with no reliable basis in fact.

Got a creepy college-themed ghost story—real or otherwise? Share it in the comments section below…if you dare!


This article was written by Hannah Purnell

Hannah Purnell is a staff writer for CollegeView.com. Hannah writes extensively on the topic of undergraduate studies and the college search process.


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