Get Some Time with God on the Pitch Every Day

A student-athlete at Trinity Western University in Langley

My name is Angela Trauter, and I’m a 21-year-old going into my fifth year at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. I have one more year of eligibility in the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport; the highest level of university sport in Canada), as well as one more year of undergraduate studies. I will be graduating from TWU with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics.

I really enjoy being involved in various sports and activities, and I think it’s so important for people of every age and ability level to continue being active throughout their lives. I would really like to open my own business promoting an environment for exercise, activity, and overall health, but right now I’m just trying to be open to the possibilities that God has for me.

I enjoy a wide range of sports and have played on various teams from a young age. In high school I competed in basketball, volleyball, and badminton, and our teams were very successful in all three. Outside of school, I played on a club soccer team—also very successful—that competed at provincials annually, and one year made it all the way to nationals. Participating on these teams taught me many things about myself, about how teams work together, and about the importance of communication, all of which have shaped me as a player and a person. Playing sports has given me more opportunities and experiences than I could ever have imagined.

One of the biggest opportunities has been the chance to be a part of Trinity Western University’s soccer team. In my first year of university, I struggled to keep God as my first priority and soccer as my second; many times soccer came first. Even though I was attending a Christian school, I was finding it difficult to keep a healthy balance. Then, in my second year, I was introduced to Athletes in Action’s National Training Camp where athletes from all sports all across Canada come together to learn how to integrate God into their sport. For me, this was a new and foreign concept. I had always played on Christian teams but never really knew how to bring God onto the soccer pitch. At NTC, I was really rocked and challenged to play soccer differently. I had a new motivation and reason to play, and it was such an amazing yet simple idea that made so much sense to me. I had a renewed outlook on how to play, conduct myself, and perform in a manner praiseworthy to God. When I play soccer now, I find it easier to play because there is less pressure on me, and I can just worship God through my actions. I look forward to being able to get some time with God on the pitch every day.

I encourage other athletes to bring God onto the field and court and begin to focus on God while playing. It will do so much for their confidence, train of thought, and attitude when they begin to focus on God and make Him the center of the game. Playing at a Christian university allows athletes to keep one another accountable for their actions and words and constantly be reminded that their motivation for playing should be worship of God rather than praise from man.


This article was written by Angela Trauter

Angela Trauter is a women's soccer player who was Trinity Western University’s female athlete of the year, MVP at the divisional championship, and captain of the 2005 national champion women's soccer team.

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