Fighting Senioritis? We’ve Got the Cure

It’s your senior year of high school, and the effects of senioritis have begun to set in. Classroom lectures are a dull soundtrack to your window-gazing. Each word you read blurs on the page. There are months of high school left, but your brain has already graduated.

Pause for a moment. Part of preparing for college involves taking responsibility for yourself—and right now, your responsibility is to finish high school on the best possible academic note. This can better equip you for college, and it isn’t hard. Here are three tips to help you fight off even the worst case of senioritis:

Tip #1: Enjoy yourself

Some high schools give seniors a lot of freedom in class choice. Use this to your advantage. Have you always enjoyed taking pictures? Enroll in a photography course. Or propose an independent study that will let you follow a particular passion. Enjoying your classes can boost your average and ensure that you look forward to each school day. Joining a club can serve the same purpose.

Tip #2: Stay sharp

Infusing school with fun is a great way to stave off senioritis, but keep in mind that your academic career will be much more demanding in the fall. Don’t let yourself fall behind your college peers just because your core scholastic skills gathered dust. Instead, take at least one challenging course in a “general education” subject such as history, math, and writing. A single difficult class can even be an enjoyable brain exercise!

Tip #3: Start early

Another way to remain sharp in the face of senioritis is to get a head start on college. Certain high schools allow seniors to participate in early release or late arrival schedules, generally when they are well on track for graduation. With your day essentially cut in half, you can enroll in a local community college and begin to chip away at your university’s general education requirements. If you missed the registration deadline for your town’s community college, try to find an internship in your prospective major. An internship can enable you to work on a project that you can then feature in your academic or career portfolio. It can also help you gain real-world experience in an area of interest.

High school will soon be but a fond memory, so pay attention and take it in while you can. Make the most of your senior year, and leave senioritis in the past.


This article was written by Schuyler Durham

Schuyler Durham is a professional tutor and contributing writer for Varsity Tutors. He received his bachelor's degree in journalism from University of Oregon in 2014.


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