Eureka College—Creating Future Leaders

Development of the student begins in the classroom, but the building of a leader extends beyond it. At Eureka, education is a total experience of living and learning, combining academic responsibilities with programs outside the classroom. One who can lead is noted by many corporate leaders today as being a rare and valuable asset. Leadership is recognized as a valuable quality in many kinds of community organizations; and it is also the quality that enables people to create their own opportunities by finding ways to serve others.

Leaders from Our Past

Eureka was founded by abolitionists from Kentucky who were members of a religious movement known as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and who were committed to providing young people a liberal education. These pioneers believed in an education infused with values as a basis for leadership. Chartered by the Illinois Legislature in 1855, Eureka was the first college in the state and the third in the nation to admit men and women on an equal basis. To the present day, the college continues to be interested in the development of character, intellect, and technical competence with emphasis on service and leadership. Eureka has had a major impact on American life; alumni have had successful careers in education, business, management, the arts, and community service. Graduates include 42 college presidents, seven governors and members of Congress, a Nobel Laureate team member, and former President Ronald Reagan, Class of 1932.

Leadership and the Eureka Experience

Because of its size, Eureka College provides students with opportunities to recognize talents and abilities beyond what they might realize alone or at a large institution. Faculty members play an active role in making this a reality. Their goal is to work toward the success of each and every student. To this point, Eureka’s size makes all of the difference. With just under 700 students, the college has an average class size of 15 students and a student–faculty ratio of 12:1. Many faculty members have earned national and international recognition in their areas of scholarship. Nearly all full-time faculty members also serve as academic advisors; because they view advising as a form of teaching, they bring to this task the same level of dedication and diligence they bring to their classroom work.

The Eureka community is one that demands of its members involvement and interaction through such activities as music, theater, student government, and athletics. At the center of the Eureka experience is the development of values that will help its graduates contribute to society in roles of leadership and service.

Leadership in Your Future

Visit Eureka College and see how this incredible midwestern college nurtures so many strong leaders. Meet our respected faculty, review our impressive roster of alums, and walk the beautiful grounds. See for yourself if the Eureka Experience will take the lead in beginning your future.


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