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Picking a college major can, for some, be the most difficult part of preparing for life after high school. Some people seem to know exactly what they want to do; they pick a college major, search and create a college ranking by major, choose their schools, and apply. Others take a while longer.

Deciding what you want to do “for the rest of your life” isn’t easy. Visit our Careers & Majors section and get great advice and information to help you in picking a college major.

College Ranking by Major

If you’ve decided what you want to do, or have narrowed down the list and are picking a college major out of two or three fairly certain options, you can start assembling a college ranking by major. Our powerful college search tool can help you develop a solid college ranking by major or by a number of other criteria.

If you’ve chosen a general course of study, such as Medicine, but haven’t decided which specific field to go into, you can begin your college ranking by major by breaking down your major topic to see the fields that compose that particular discipline. As you might imagine, the general term “health professions” can be refined into many different career options ranging from Oncology to Aromatherapy to a specialization in Veterinary Infectious Diseases. That said, if you’ve done your research and know for a fact that you want to go into Communication Disorders Science and Services, you can search for that term in our college ranking by major engine to find a school with that specific program.

Keep in mind that while you’re using our college search tool to find the perfect college, ranking by major is just one option of many. You can also search colleges by location, size, the size of the city in which the college or university is located, general location, their diversity, athletic programs offered, religious affiliation, or a combination of these and a number of other variables.

Whichever criteria are important to you, you can customize a college search and find the colleges or universities that meet your needs from our database of thousands nationwide.

Picking a College Major 101

If you’ve not decided on your college major or career path, the first advice offered by most experts is simple: don’t worry. Many students enter their college or university without picking a college major, and most degree paths require the same foundation courses, so you can focus on those requirements while you’re deciding upon your major. You may want to collect some college ranking by major information regardless, just based upon areas of study or careers that interest you, and see if any of those schools meet your other criteria.

In her article Selecting a Major: An Important Decision for Every College Student, author Dalia Wheatt advises that, if you’ve yet to pick a college major, attend a college or university that offers a spectrum of options, so when you do choose your major, you won’t have to transfer.

While you’re in school, Wheatt suggests you sit in on some classes that are specifically for a certain discipline in which you’re interested. Visit the college’s career center as well; they should have a list of alumni of various programs and what they’re doing now. That should give you a good idea about whether a particular major appeals to you.

The Job Market and College Ranking by Major

Before you decide upon an area of study and start college ranking by major, you may want to investigate job trends, projected salaries, and future employment prospects. Another article by Dalia Wheatt entitled Career Exploration through the Occupational Outlook Handbook provides helpful advice on how to use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Occupational Outlook Handbook online. This incredibly helpful resource provides a wealth of information regarding future employment, including the fastest-growing and most in-demand careers, both nationally and on a state-by-state level.

For future reference, the Occupational Outlook Handbook also offers vital information on how to assess a job offer and the proper way to craft a cover letter.

What CollegeView Can Do for You

Besides providing information and expert advice to help you with picking a college major, and an intuitive college and university search engine that allows you to create a college ranking by major or any combination of other variables, is a great resource of information on virtually any issue or concern faced by the college-bound student.

Our Financial Aid section contains a wealth of expert advice about FAFSA, the different types of student loans, and how to search for scholarships and grants in articles written by student loan providers, financial aid officers, and former students who have “been there.”

In the Application Process section, you’ll find articles regarding how to construct a college application timeline, what colleges and universities are looking for, and how to ace both your college admission essay and your admissions interview.

In the Campus Life section, you’ll find articles about adjusting to dorm and campus life, getting involved on campus, balancing your coursework with your social life, and much more. Start your search, and this new part of your life, at

College-Bound Student Information

CollegeView offers an extensive amount of valuable information and resources for the college-bound student. Please follow these links to discover how our articles can help you in your choice for an educational pathway:


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