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The U.S. has over 4,000 colleges to choose from. Ultimately deciding on one can be a challenging task. Where do you begin?

Our college search tool lets you explore thousands of colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada using specified criteria to help make your hunt for the perfect school much easier. You can search for a college by degree, location, student body size, special services, extracurricular activities and more.

Take advantage of this free service. Use our college search tool today to begin creating a list of your top schools.

The Advanced Criteria of our College Search Tool

Before you make a final decision as to where you would like to attend college, there are a variety of important factors to consider. Below we will outline some of these factors to help you determine which is most important to you.

Search College by Location

Clarifying where you would like to go to college can help to narrow down your search using our advanced tool. For some students, remaining close to home and having the option to return from time to time is a significant factor. For others, having a short trip home for an occasional visit is not as important, and some may even prefer to attend school out-of-state. Using our college search tool, you can create a list of the schools in your desired area.

Search College by Degree

Different schools specialize in different areas of study, which is why it is a good idea to put together a list of possible majors you are interested in pursuing before utilizing our college search tool. Once you have established a number of these potential areas of study, you can then search colleges by the degree you are interested in ultimately obtaining.

Many schools offer several notable programs, so when performing your search for a college by degree, you may notice that, if it is a similar area of study, some of the same schools might appear on your list more than once. Remember to take note of these schools as well as other institutions which appeal to you while using our college search tool. A number of college-bound students are unaware of the area of study they eventually pursue before they go to college, which is why it is a good idea to keep your options open when you search for a college by degree.

Search College by Student Body Size

Another great option offered from our college search tool is the ability to find schools based on student body size. Colleges range in size from a few hundred students to several thousand students, and one of the important factors to consider when deciding which school to attend is the size.

Students who come from smaller towns may feel overwhelmed and out of place at a large university. Students from larger cities, on the other hand, may feel as if there are not enough diversity or available activities at a smaller school.

Using our free college search tool, you have the ability to choose your ideal student body size, whether it is less than 500 students, greater than 15,000 students, or anything in between. Determining the size of the college or university you wish to attend will allow you to concentrate on only those schools which meet your wants and needs.

Private vs. Public College

Have you decided whether you would like to attend a private vs. public college? Both types of institutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Typically, private colleges are more expensive than public colleges due to the fact that they receive much less taxpayer money and are forced to rely more heavily on tuition for financial support. The advantage of a private vs. public college, however, is that they are generally smaller and more able to offer individualized attention.

While public colleges tend to be larger and less expensive than private colleges, this is not always the case. Using our college search tool, you can create a private vs. public college list to examine the cost, student body size and more of different schools to help you decide which type of school is right for you.

Search for College by Special Services

The special services offered from different schools is another important factor to consider. These services include the following:

  • Career counseling
  • Student employment
  • Internships (with pay)
  • Internships (without pay)
  • Job placement
  • Study abroad (for credit)
  • Study abroad (non-credit)
  • Children’s day care

Our customizable college search tool lets you select any combination of these special services to create a tailored list of schools which best meet your particular needs.

Determining which of these special services are offered is important for a variety of reasons. Many students do not know which career path they will pursue once they have completed their college education. A career counselor can help you make this decision. Also, internships serve as a great way to obtain valuable experience before pursuing your chosen career. It is a good idea to reveal which schools offer internships, both with and without pay.

The more criteria you select when using our college search tool, the more customized your list becomes, and the easier it becomes to narrow down your top selections.

More Criteria of Our College Search Tool

Our college search tool lets you select from even more criteria than those listed above. These criteria include the following:

  • City size
  • School type
  • Religious affiliation
  • Student body type
  • Ethnicity
  • Athletics
  • Disabilities

We want to make your search for the right college as easy as possible. Ultimately deciding on one school can be a difficult task. Let us help. Use our free college search tool today and begin your hunt for the perfect school for you.


This article was written by Jeff McGuire

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