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If you’ve begun the search for a college or university that meets your requirements, you know that the task can be a daunting one. Of the thousands of colleges and universities in the United States, how many completely suit your needs? And what exactly are you looking for? Maybe you want to start out close to home, but do the local schools offer the courses you need?

There are many variables to consider, and one thing the experts agree upon is that you should take your time. Start early, so you’ll never be rushed into a decision. At, we’ve created some tools to help make your search easier, including a robust college search tool.

Before finding your ideal school, create a MyCollegeView account to let schools find you, as well as to take advantage of some of the services offered through our college recruiting service.

A College Recruiting Service Lets the Colleges Find You

Wouldn’t it be great if the colleges would do all the work? You could just sit back, relax, and they would be the ones making the calls, doing the legwork. It’s a fantasy, right? Wrong! Join MyCollegeView, and thousands of colleges and universities nationwide will be able to access your information, and they’ll even contact you.

You simply register, entering data that colleges look for, such as your ACT and SAT scores, your grade point average, subjects in which you’re interested, and other vital information that allows us to function as a college recruiting service. Interested colleges and universities that meet your criteria will contact you via email.

The best part? MyCollegeView’s university and college recruiting service is absolutely free. All you need to do to take advantage of our college referral service is join. Not only will you be able to take some of the pressure off your college search and let the college recruiting service do some of the work for you, but you’ll be able to take advantage of all the other tools and services available on as well.

In addition, by simply registering for a MyCollegeView account, you’ll not only be signing up for a free college recruiting service, but a free scholarship as well. When you enter your information for MyCollegeView’s free college recruiting service you’ll also be entered in a contest to win $1000 scholarship to the school of your choice. Think about it: a free college recruiting and referral service, the chance to win a scholarship, and free tools and services to help you navigate the college search process. So, what’s the down side? What’s the catch?

More good news: there isn’t a catch.

MyCollegeView College Recruiting Service – How to Join

To sign up for our free college referral service, you just need to enter the information colleges and universities use to make their admissions decisions.

The MyCollegeView college recruiting service registration form requires your basic contact information (name, address, etc.), some academic information (you’ll be asked to enter your grade point average, ACT score, SAT verbal and math score, PSAT score, class rank, and any other test scores that apply). Then, to let the schools know whether you’ll actually be interested in what they have to offer, we ask for information regarding your educational goals, such as what type of degree you’re planning to obtain, when you expect to graduate, your intended area or possible areas of study, and any specific schools you would like to contact you through our college recruiting service. It’s easy, and it’s free.

Besides the college recruiting service made available through your MyCollegeView account, CollegeView provides several other free resources, including useful information and tools for the college-bound student. Our college search tool allows you to obtain information from our database of thousands of colleges and universities, cross-referencing by a number of important criteria such as location, student body population, degrees offered, religious orientation, and much more.

When you’re a MyCollegeView member, you can save the results of your college search and refer to them whenever you need to. If you’d like to be sent information from a college or university, or even a number of them, you can request information directly through MyCollegeView using our convenient “Request Info” feature.

During your college search, or while you’re gathering responses from the college referral service, you can find answers to all your college questions in our library of expert articles, organized into four subcategories concerning the application process, financial aid, campus life, and careers and majors.

College Application Tips

In our Application Process section, you’ll find out everything you need to know about applying to the colleges and universities of your choice (including those that have contacted you via the college recruiting service): the application timeline and how to follow it, what college admissions offices look for in a candidate, how to choose the right college admissions essay topic, how to handle the college interview, and much more.

College Financial Aid, Scholarships & Grants

Once you’ve sorted through the colleges you’ve heard from through the college referral service, you, in all likelihood, still need to find out how to pay for your education. Our Financial Aid section provides the ability to navigate through the educational funding process, including information about all the different sources of financial aid and how to access them, how to decide upon the best financial aid package, and how to develop a financial aid timeline. You can also use our free service to help save time and money by searching for college scholarships.

Campus Life

When you’re collecting information from our college referral service, campus life is one of the most important aspects of each college that contacts you. Which activities are available? How do you adjust to college dorm life? How can you cope with the normal homesickness that accompanies what might be your first year away from home? You’ll find expert advice on these and other issues in our Campus Life section.

College Majors & Careers

Deciding which degree path you plan to follow can be one of the most difficult choices the college-bound student has to make, and can play into which colleges contact you via our college recruiting service. You’ll find expert advice on making this choice, and how to navigate your way through the decision-making process.

Additional College-Bound Student Information

Along with taking advantage of our free college recruiting service, CollegeView offers an abundance of information to aid you in important college decisions:


This article was written by Jeff McGuire

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  1. Marsh MacMillan

    Be careful about on-line college referral services! My wife has received at least a dozen “follow-up” calls for an on-line inquiry that they claim she made. She never uses a ciomputer and has no screen name. She has no interest in college. I believe her name was fraudulently obtained. College Referral Services has placed these calls from many different calling centers, and I haven’t been able to shut it down even though we are on Do Not Call and have specifically requested them to shut down these calls. It is really frustarting. My advice is to stay away from this “service.”

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