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How to choose a college major

If you’ve decided to attend college, but aren’t sure what program or major to go into, don’t despair. You’re certainly not the only person who’s faced college unsure about what they wants to do with the rest of their life. It’s not easy to sit down and make a decision that seems as though it will have such long lasting effects, one that seemingly will determine the course of years to come. Many people enter higher education without choosing a college major, only to decide later after they’ve taken the general required courses.

Once you do choose your course of study, take advantage of our free college major finder to put together a list of potential colleges or universities that offer the program you’re looking for.

Choosing a College Major

As previously mentioned, if you’ve yet to choose a college major, you don’t have to worry about it immediately. In her article To Declare or Not to Declare….That Is the Question, author Trisha Webb states that while there are certain benefits to choosing a college major before you start school, “…it is quite common for students to change their major at least once during their college career.”

If you’re wondering how to choose a college major, and you’ve no clear idea, chances are you’ll have a much better idea once you have some courses under your belt. If you enter your college or university as “Undecided” or “Undeclared,” your academic advisor can discuss various options, and there are a number of career exploration and assessment tools that can work as a college major finder.

Author Dalia Wheatt writes in her article Selecting a Major that, no matter how ambivalent you are, you should never overlook the best college major finder, and your greatest resource: yourself. As confused as you may feel right now, you still have a clear idea what you like and what you don’t like. Remember that you’re deciding what you’re going to be doing for a good portion of your life, so it should be something you enjoy.

Wheatt suggests that while you’re trying to figure out how to choose a college major, ask yourself a few simple questions, such as “what is difficult for others but comes easily to me?” In this way, you can begin investigating employment niches you may not have considered before, and then use a college major finder to discover which areas of study result in those careers.

Another excellent college major finder is right at your fingertips—in fact, you’re using it right now; if you’re stuck wondering how to choose a college major, there are countless reference sites on the Internet that provide information regarding what careers can follow different courses of study. In many cases, you’ll be surprised at the number of available career options that can result from a seemingly unrelated major.

Additionally, you can use’s college and university search tool, setting aside how to find a college major for now. Generate a list of colleges based on location, size, athletic programs offered, or any one or a combination of search criteria, and once you’ve found schools that meet all your other criteria, save them until you’re thinking about how to choose a college major, then check the college major finder information on each school that meets your other criteria to see what’s available.

There are several resources you can use as a college major finder, and with a little imagination and research, you’ll figure out how to find a college major in no time.

When You’ve Decided, Use Our College Major Finder

If you’ve completed the process of choosing your college major, take advantage of our free college major finder to discover which of the thousands of colleges and universities across the nation offer the program or programs in which you’re interested. Our individual college “hubs” provide a link to the home page of the university or college and their major finder can further illuminate the requirements of each program.

Sign up for a free MyCollegeView membership to save the results of your college major finder research, and to get other benefits such as the ability to request information from a number of colleges simultaneously and providing colleges with the opportunity to approach you based on the information you’ve input into your MyCollegeView profile.

In addition, our Careers & Majors section provides an abundance of articles and reference materials concerning how to choose a college major, how to use a number of public college major finder utilities and career exploration services, and expert advice from representatives of a number of different fields, including law, medicine, marketing, business, art & design, and many others.

Once you’ve decided upon a career path, CollegeView serves as a great source of advice and information for those entering the job market, including articles on how to write a successful cover letter and how to ace job interviews. Whether you’re just beginning your search through the college major finder, or you’re on your way out into the “real world,” you will find the free advice and tools you need at

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