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If you’re planning on attending college, it’s likely you also have developed some idea regarding your career path, and the classes you intend to take to get there. Our free, easy-to-use college locator provides the opportunity to search thousands of colleges and universities nationwide using a number of variables, so you can easily find a college by major and generate a list of institutions that will meet your academic requirements.

Begin your search and find the perfect college or university today using our college locator tool.

Find a College by Major

Once you’ve input your desired course of study into our college locator, you can further narrow your search by a variety of important criteria. To further specify a major, click on “Refine Search Results”. You’ll be presented with a comprehensive list of specific majors within the general academic discipline.

For example, if you were using the college locator to find a college by major, and you had chosen Biological/Life Sciences as your area of study, you’d be presented with a large list of schools that offer that particular major. To get a more specific list, you simply click on “Refine Search” (at the top of the list) and you’ll be given the option to further refine the “Areas of Study” variable. You can then develop a far more specific list, enabling the college locator to search our database for schools that offer programs far more relevant to your specific area of interest–Exercise Physiology or Oncology and Cancer Biology, for example.

Besides providing the ability to find a college by major, our college locator allows the college-bound student to dig down using up to twelve other specific variables. So, for example, suppose you want to find a college by major, but also select the location of the college or university, its student body size, and whether it offers a specific athletic program, you can enter all those variables into the “Advanced Search” section of the college locator and it will cross-reference schools that meet all your needs.

You can find a college by major and religious affiliation, by the size of the city or town in which the school is located, by the type of school, and by its level of diversity; further, you can mix and match all of those variables, a tedious process that our college locator completes in mere seconds.

The Advantages of MyCollegeView with Our College Locator Tool

So, what happens when you’re done? You’ve completed your research, at least for the time being, and you don’t want to lose all the information you’ve collected, to waste the time you’ve spent on your college search. Once you’ve worked with our college locator and have created a list of colleges about which you’d like to find out more, we’ve provided a means to both personalize your experience and save your data.

Simply register as a new user in the MyCollegeView page, and you can save your college locator search results to refer to at your leisure. You can also input information that allows colleges and universities that meet your criteria to find you.

You can find the perfect college by major or your other chosen criteria simply by checking your MyCollegeView account. Then you have the option of obtaining further information from the colleges or universities of your choice by filling out one simple form and clicking the “Request Info” button. MyCollegeView provides easy access to a wealth of information from one simple platform.

Plan Your Academic Career with the College Locator

Taking advantage of our free college locator can give you an idea of the kind of flexibility you have when planning your college experience. Maybe you’re unsure about what course of study you plan to pursue, so rather than trying to find a college by major, you can use the college locator to find a community college which offers general degree preparatory courses you can take while investigating potential career paths.

Alternately, you can find a college by major to generate a list of colleges and universities that offer degree programs in more than one major of which you’re interested, then do further research to discover each career path’s employment prospects.

If a college or university contacts you, use the college locator to search for them by name and get statistics and information. Many of the colleges you’ll find with our college locator not only supply essential data such as student body size, contact information for admissions and financial aid offices, and degree programs offered, but web tours highlighting their campuses, residence halls, and buildings, some accompanied by audio and video.

In addition to the college locator, CollegeView provides a compendium of free expert-written advice and information intended to answer your questions about financial aid, including how to select the best combination of awards and the differences between the many types of educational loans; college and university admissions, including what colleges are looking for during the application process and how to write a successful application essay; our “Campus Life” section provides helpful advice on issues such as living in the dorms and getting involved on campus; and many other issues of interest and concern to the college bound.

Set up your free MyCollegeView account today, and enter one of the most exciting and rewarding phases of your life.


This article was written by Jeff McGuire

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