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The first step faced by the college-bound student is as obvious as it is unavoidable: to decide which college, university, or community college you’re going to attend.

Everyone has their first choice; it could be where your mother or father went to school, or maybe you want to attend a local school and live at home, or you might already have decided your career path, have done some preliminary research, and know that your school of choice has one of the nation’s best programs. Advisors generally agree that, even if you’ve decided upon a college, you should apply to five or six schools which meet your criteria.

Our free university and college finder can help you find the schools that offer what you need.

Begin Your Search with Our College Finder

Our college finder provides access to information about thousands of schools nationwide, using a number of criteria. Maybe you’re looking for a school based upon your religious orientation, an important criteria for many people: our college finder provides the means to search through our extensive database and find colleges or universities founded with your religious beliefs part of their core philosophy.

Further, our college and university finder provides the means to add a number of additional variables to your search, such as location, academic standards, cost, party scene, Greek life, and majors offered.

In college admissions, nothing is certain. You should always have a contingency plan. Ask yourself the following questions: What happens if, for whatever reason, your school of choice doesn’t accept you for admission? What if their financial aid offer doesn’t meet your needs? Creating a solid list of five or six schools and applying each of them allows you the luxury of a fall back plan, one not afforded to those who had their heart set on and only applied to one school.

Our free college finder provides the means to put together a list of schools that offer the programs you need to move toward your goals. And the search criteria is not limited to only academic pursuits or student demographics; you can also specify athletic programs you’d like the schools on your list to offer and the size of the city in which the colleges or universities are located.

Four-Year or Community College Finder

Increasingly, the community college comes to the forefront as a starting point for many academic careers. Often providing the physical and emotional comfort of living at home, balanced with a rigorous academic program, a large number of students begin their studies in a community college, then after the basic requirements are out of the way, they transfer to a four-year university.

Alternately, community colleges often offer accredited certification programs for a number of careers, preparing students for employment after one or two years of education. For students planning on taking this route, our college search tool is also equipped as a community college finder. Simply check the “community college” option under the heading “School Type,” and you’ll be provided with a list of two-year institutions that meet your other criteria.

On the other hand, if you’ve decided on a four-year institution, check the “traditional college” option and you’ll be presented only with schools that offer four-year programs. The information you gather with our college finder will encompass not only standard contact data for admissions and financial aid, but also current tuition rates, majors and degrees offered, services provided, and much of the other information you need to help you make your decision. Several of the thousands of schools in our database offer Web tours that provide pictures and video and audio, giving you a clear view of the educational institution in question.

College Finder for Both Private and Public Institutions

Private and public colleges and universities each boast unique characteristics, and a unique educational environment and experience; private schools are often smaller than public universities, which can offer more opportunity for both faculty/student interaction and often the ability to get to know fellow students far more easily than in a public institution.

On the other hand, private schools are often more expensive than public universities, and some students may find the private institution’s smaller size limiting. Whether you’d like to use our college finder to track down information on a private college or four-year university, we’ll help you find the school that most closely offers what you’re looking for.


Registering for a MyCollegeView account allows you to personalize and, among other benefits, save the results from the searches performed using our college search tool. This provides the luxury of being able to collect a great deal of information, then whittle down to a firm list of schools to which you intend to apply. You can save the information, and request more info directly from your search results.

In addition to our intuitive college finder, we offer a wealth of resources for the college-bound student. Take advantage of the free advice offered by experts in financial aid, admissions counseling, career planning and degree paths, adjusting to campus and dorm life, and much more. Begin this exciting voyage with our university and college finder, then make use of all the free information and tools CollegeView has to offer.

College-Bound Student Information

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