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Free information for the college-bound teen and returning student

Regardless of whether you’re a college-bound teen looking forward to your first term, or an experienced adult bound for grad school, if you’re a college-bound student, you undoubtedly have questions. You seldom find all the information you need in the college brochures, and it’s a rare campus tour that’s able to comprehensively address each and every possible concern a college-bound student could have.

CollegeView is a fantastic source of information for the college-bound student, including advice written by experts on campus safety, financial aid, career planning, and other items of concern for those on their way to college.

College-Bound Student and Campus Life Information

If you’re a college-bound teen on your way to your first experience living away from home, it’s completely normal to feel some nervousness mixed in with the excitement about your upcoming adventure.

Experiencing college dorm life for the first time, which is often required of college freshmen, might mean facing the first time you’ve ever shared living space with someone to whom you’re not related. You’re not only getting to know someone you may have never even spoken to, which can be nerve-wracking by itself, but you have to live with them, often in a room smaller than your own room at home.

Indeed, for many students, adjusting to dorm life can be the biggest hurdle they face in their academic career. Freshman Advice for Adjusting to College Dorm Life, a great article by Megan O’Leary-Buda written especially for the college-bound student, provides helpful advice about a variety of issues. This is just one of our great articles about dorm life in our Campus Life section.

Another issue of great importance to the college-bound student is campus safety. While, statistically, a student is safer on the college campus than off campus, there are still many steps you can take to increase your safety. One of the first steps any college-bound teen can take is to fully investigate the college or university you’re planning to attend. The Jeanne Cleary Act requires that colleges and universities disclose information about crime on or around campus, and you should defintely check out your school’s record.

Info on Keeping in Shape for the College-Bound Student

Our Campus Life section also provides helpful college-bound student information to keep you healthy and in shape during your college career. Besides tips on how to avoid the dreaded “freshman fifteen” (the average amount of weight gained during freshman year), you’ll find information about how to eat healthy on campus as well as how to stay healthy in general.

College students typically get less sleep than the average citizen; our authors provide tips on how to balance your coursework and social life with the sleep you need to remain healthy and productive. You’ll also find articles written specifically for the college-bound student athlete that cover topics including how to properly schedule homework and sports so your success at one isn’t at the other’s expense, and how the college-bound student athlete can still play sports at school, even if they haven’t been recruited.

“Can I Do the Work?” and Other College-Bound Teen Questions

You’ve proven that you can succeed academically in high school, but for three or four years, you’ve been told time and time again that college work is far more difficult than what you’ve done. Not only are the courses more advanced, but you’re responsible for getting your class work done. Furthermore, you’re paying for it.

Dalia Wheatt’s article Transitioning from High School to College Academics suggests a number of ways the college-bound student can weather the change and excel in your studies, and provides online resources for further information. Other articles provide information about the services your academic advisor can offer you, places to go on campus for help if you find yourself falling behind, tips for the college-bound student about writing at the university level, and other useful information.

College-Bound Student School Search

Our intuitive college search tool can help you get the ball rolling and find the schools that fit your criteria. We’ve amassed vital information including school size, admissions contact info, degrees and majors offered, the diversity of the student body, and much more on thousands of colleges and universities nationwide.

You can access this information either via a simple search by location or college name, or a more complex search consisting of up to twelve distinct variables. And with a MyCollegeView account, the college-bound student can save both the search criteria and the information gathered during the search.

In addition to searching for your ideal college, there are a number of other recommended steps to help ensure you choose the right college for you. Here is a helpful article which outlines a number of college-bound student search recommendations to help your transition to college go as smoothly as possible.

You have a lot to look forward to as a college-bound student. While the college or university experience can be overwhelming at first, you’ll find that once you become comfortable it can be one of the most rewarding times of your life. Take advantage of the free information and tools we’ve collected specifically at to help the college-bound teen or returning student be better prepared for the next step toward the rest of your life.

College-Bound Student Information

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