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Seven Things You Need to Do as You Apply to Colleges

Times they are changing. Just a few years ago, the common application for college admission included a simple form consisting of some fairly straight-forward questions or a unique application form consisting of similar questions. Now, you may have to include a variety of documents or even an essay with your college application.

At CollegeView, you can find valuable college application tips that will help you understand the current college admission process. If you are looking for college application tips to help you get into school of your choice, turn in the correct documents on time, write your admissions essay, and more, take some time to browse CollegeView.

Helpful College Application Tips

First off – finding the right college to apply to is extremely important. Considering your interests, strengths, and even extra-curricular activities can help you make this decision.

CollegeView offers a variety of college application tips to help you choose the right college or university that will best meet your particular interests. We also offer our helpful college search tool to help you find and research thousands of schools.

Once you have decided which school(s) you would like to apply to, the following college application tips will help ensure the necessary steps are taken for a complete application submission:

  • College Application Tip #1 — Application Form

    Find out which schools will allow you to fill out a common application for college admission and which ones require a specific form—just make sure the information is current and correct.

  • College Application Tip #2 — High School Transcripts

    Request that transcripts from your high school be sent directly to the college in which you are applying to.

  • College Application Tip #3 — Standardized Test Scores

    Determine whether the school requires the composite or individual scores from your SAT test.

  • College Application Tip #4 — Letters of Recommendation

    Get a list of recommendation letter requirements from the schools and ask a trusted teacher, boss or other acquaintance to write a letter of recommendation for you.

  • College Application Tip #5 — Personal Essay

    Draft a personal essay in accordance with the schools’ policies.

  • College Application Tip #6 — Interviews

    Find out if your schools of choice offer interviews so you can speak with a representative for more in-depth information.

  • College Application Tip #7 — Meet the Deadline

    Make sure all of your materials are in well before the deadline!

By looking into these college application tips and ensuring that you have all of your materials in by their due dates, you are increasing your chances of being admitted into the school of your choice. I must also stress that when filling out the application, whether a college-specific application or a common application for college admission, as well as when writing your admissions essay and putting together all of your information, it is important to take your time to help ensure you don’t make any errors.

These documents are, in many cases, the only representation of you that the admissions department will have to review, and any errors or mistake found can reflect poorly on your professionalism. To help ensure you sufficiently meet the requirements of your school(s) of choice, as well as to help stand out from the “competition”, it is important to take advantage of any and all college application tips.

CollegeView offers several college application tips, so take the time to browse the site. You can also register to receive informational emails about a variety of aspects of the college experience.

How to Write a College Admissions Essay

Writing your college essay can be very intimidating. What do you write about? What sort of voice do you use? How does the essay need to be formatted? Who is the audience? You probably have a lot of questions – after all, this is likely the first time you’ve had to write such a piece. CollegeView offers college application tips that revolve around how to write a college admissions essay.

First of all, make sure that you choose a topic you are passionate about. If the school is requiring that applicants write about a specific topic, do some research and try to develop an interesting approach to the topic – still stay within the guidelines, but try to make your essay standout from the many others. An admissions counselor may read hundreds of admissions essays, so providing an interesting edge can help the counselor notice yours.

Also among the essay writing college application tips is to add specific details about your opinions, stances, and aspirations. As the counselors begin to read hundreds of admissions essays, they look for potential students who have goals and dreams and aren’t afraid to express who they are. They are the makings of a good leader.

One of the most important essay writing college application tips is that extreme thoughts on controversial topics don’t have a place in an admissions essay and can have a negative effect. Another important college application tip is to include some information about your personal interests – and give some detail about it. Don’t just say “I like to play football.” Instead, say something like, “I played quarterback on my high school football team and hope to join an intramural team so I can continue playing in college.”

College Application Tips & More

If you are beginning your college search, thinking about choosing a major in college, or are in need of some valuable college application tips, take some time to browse The variety of information, valuable resources, and college application tips will be sure to help make this time feel less overwhelming.

College-Bound Student Information

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